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Is mindset and motivation enough to overcome money blocks?

As entrepreneurs who want financial freedom and security, can we resolve our money blocks and income ceilings with mindset work, reading motivational books, or working with mindset coaches who help us reinforce new, better beliefs (no matter how amazing their intentions are and how much they want to help us transform!)?

The problem with trying to change our money beliefs and behaviors with all these mind-based approaches (as well as the popular now manifestation/visualization techniques) is that our financial mindset is merely a CONSEQUENCE of much deeper, HIDDEN drives within our psyche.

It comes from levels within our consciousness that are much deeper than what can ever be accessed, let alone changed, by positive thinking or changing our habits/behaviors on the surface.

I would like to share the following statement (broadly accepted in the field of psychoanalysis and analytical psychology) - our unconscious psychological blocks cannot be challenged or changed until and unless one explores the depth of one's unconscious. Which means that to truly release our financial "mindset" and our blocks, one would need to dive deep into their psyche: the subconscious mind, unconscious drives and fears that created them.

Releasing one's fear of rejection, visibility, exposure, judgement, wealth, prosecution and so much more, IF they are to make the income they dream of...

The person's conscious dreams must come in ALIGNMENT with what those unconscious layers of their psyche "believe" about money and wealth.

No other way around it. Unless we are okay with somehow pushing through and managing to make the money, only to continue living in fear, lack of security and safety (no matter what our bank statement shows...). Or, as so many people who get to their financial goals do, end up feeling guilt, shame and other negative emotions and "shadow aspects" around having it.

Which isn't exactly as "dream come true" as we think it would be, but absolutely a real experience for many people who have reached the big numbers in their lives. Who still hide and avoid "showing it", afraid to be judged and rejected. Still don't feel secure or enough. Still struggle to feel fulfilled and often feel disillusioned upon reaching their financial goals/making that "dream business happen".

>>> As having money in itself changes absolutely nothing internally - it just brings to the surface all the repressed "shadow" that has been there all along... And all of our repressed emotions. So wouldn't it be better to face and work through them on the way there?

>>> Not only will it help us MAKE the money in the first place, but also make the experience of having it much more fulfilling and truly liberating. Once the inner conflicts are resolved... . Consider this - money has historically (for a long enough time to have been hardwired into our collective unconscious...) been one of the most repressed and taboo topics of our human experience (arguably as much as sex).

And as with everything we humans repress (the "shadow") it stays with us indefinitely, unless released at the level it operates on.

The level beyond and beneath any and all conscious, analytical thinking.. From my personal and professional experience with this topic, I would also add that this unraveling of our repressed beliefs and emotions around money must go side by side with trauma work and release of any traumatic body and emotional memory that has been associated with wealth, exposure, visibility, safety and security of our life.

>>> As our body's self-preservation will override any of our conscious choices and attempts at changes, IF it perceives money and wealth as a THREAT (which for many people and women particularly, will be the case). This is the work I have been doing diligently in my own life to create the business beyond the limitation of my own unconscious blocks and fears, and as a result began to do with my entrepreneur clients inside my Inner Success Activation hypnotherapy and coaching program.

In it, I combine this deeper work on the psyche, emotional and body memory, the mind (conscious and subconscious) and consciousness expansion, to help my clients overcome their visibility, confidence and money blocks and get to the emotional and mental freedom to truly ENJOY the business, impact and income they are creating.

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