Transformational services:

(all sessions are offered online via video)

Soul-Aligned Hypnotherapy

Discovery session

The initial

hypnotherapy and coaching session to begin our work together,

where we will:

  • find the roots of complex issues, internal and external conflicts and begin resolving them for good

  • begin clearing negative emotional loops, past trauma and their manifestations from your life, mind and body

  • discover and begin to reprogram post-traumatic mental associations, beliefs and blocks that keep you from moving forward in life, so you can start living your TRUE potential!

  • shift to new beliefs that are in your HIGHEST good

  • dive deep into your body, its symptoms, needs and messages

  • gain greater self-awareness and shift your perception away from your struggles and into deeper meaning of your life`s journey

  • determine the direction of our work together, so I can assist you in making the MOST impactful and life-changing shifts

Includes mentoring and follow-up.


Expansion Program

An exclusive 6-month guided Self-discovery hypnotherapy program

for spiritually-driven women who want to overcome emotional wounds and subconscious limitations to live a life of inner freedom, power and highest Soul expression!

  • break FREE from emotional wounds and overcome trauma, so that you can activate your INNER RESOURCES and ENERGY and start living your TRUE potential!


  • strengthen your boundaries, so you can stop feeling drained or influenced by others energetically and emotionally

  • reprogram your subconscious mind and its limitations, and create NEW habits and thoughts that EMPOWER YOU!

  • experience amazing altered states of consciousness to EXPAND your INNER REALITY

  • gain greater knowledge of your Soul`s Journey, your lessons and purpose in this life and become the MASTER OF YOUR PATH!

  • step into your inner POWER, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE and your HIGHEST SOUL POTENTIAL!



​This program is by invitation only.


Post-Traumatic Reprogramming


A 6-month customized hypnotherapy program

for women who desire to build a whole new Body-Mind-Soul relationship, heal their past sexual or medical trauma and awaken their sexuality

  • find the roots and clear various psychosomatic issues, by addressing past trauma, and internal mental or emotional limitations and conflicts

  • process negative memories in a way that STOPS the trauma for good!

  • reprogram your brain & body connection, and create NEW neurological pathways to stop existing discomforts and pain


  • rediscover sexuality as an integral component of your being-ness and SELF-EXPRESSION!

  • reclaim your energy and overall QUALITY OF LIFE!

  • experience amazing altered states of Consciousness to EXPAND your INNER REALITY

  • connect to your SOUL, the Universal Divine Feminine FLOW and interconnected-ness of ALL LIFE!

This program is by invitation only.


"I am very grateful for the work I have done with Tatiana in one of her programs. She came into my life when I most needed help.


Working with her brought so much light to many childhood traumas and I was able to see how they conditioned my perception of myself and my reality. Bringing my attention to the many unresolved issues from the past and becoming aware of how they have manifested in my life until now, and how they feel in my body. It helped and continues to help in releasing them and integrating my new place in the Universe.


I was able to go deep into my psyche with Tatiana’s careful guidance. She works in a very gentle and emotionally ecological way, and is focused on all the details.

It was healing to receive attention of such depth and to be heard. Tatiana is a super professional and it’s a pleasure to work with someone who is so organized and attentive. She has profound knowledge and great wisdom in what she does."

E.V., New York

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Important notice: Hypnotherapy should not be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Disclosure: Tatiana Villarea is a transformational hypnotherapist specialist, intuitive and coach. She is not a medical or mental health professional and is not qualified to provide medical advice. It is your responsibility to receive medical advice and/or assistance from the appropriately qualified professionals if desired or needed.

Tatiana Vilarea has made every effort to accurately represent the benefits you will receive through working with with her.  That being said, there are no guarantees of any specific results or benefits for a particular individual. The testimonials and examples used here are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will experience or achieve the same results. Each individual’s process and success depends on many factors, including but not limited to, their background, starting point, dedication, and motivation.

Cancellation policy: The cancellation policy for ALL sessions with Tatiana is 48 hours. There are no refunds beyond 48 hour period.


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