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Confident to Lead

A 4-month experience for business owners and career professionals who are hitting income and impact ceilings because of confidence, leadership and visibility blocks that show up as issues with marketing, self-promotion and sales, confidence issues, or difficulty with team management or client relationships.

If you want:
  • Become the unshakeable force that brings unconventional ideas out into the world.

  • Stand out with your ideas, products or services, fully expressing your uniqueness instead of hiding it.

  • Lead your company, projects and people with the perfect balance of receptivity, openness to criticism and confidence in your actions.

  •  Learn to bounce back from rejection and judgment, so you are not being taken out by them for hours, days or even months!

  • Get to the root of your visibility, marketing or sales discomfort, so you can confidently promote and sell your work.

  • Become a better communicator and model confidence for your clients, team members and others around you.

  • Be able to handle crisis and grow from it!

  • Unlock the next levels of your impact, income, leadership and deep fulfillment with the work you do in this world.


  • You are very sensitive to rejection and judgment and tend to shrink and hide in conflict (be it with your partner, family, clients, team members, employer or strangers).

  •  Don't feel confident on the inside and worry about what team members, clients or your employer think about you and your leadership skills.

  • Get hijacked by other people’s emotions and judgements frequently.

  • You struggle with perfectionism and inner criticism, and aren’t growing your business or career  as quickly as you would like because of it.

  • Have difficulty handling other people's aggression and emotional triggers.

  • Have issues with team management or hiring/firing people because of it.

  • Often feel like you’re walking on eggshells to keep everyone happy and avoid conflict.

  • Overgive, undercharge and have poor boundaries with clients, business partners or employees.

  • You fear failure, so you frequently second-guess your decisions, which not only stalls your growth, but also hurts your leadership and reputation.

  • Cannot break through your “money ceilings” because you are unconsciously afraid of success and making it B I G  in your business.



  • Experience strong discomfort, fear or anxiety being on camera, public speaking, networking, marketing or selling.

  • Moved from a job to being self-employed and now feel a block around promoting and selling your own services (vs others').

  • Pivoted to a new niche, business or raised your prices.

  • You’re an empath running a spiritual business, but still feel uncomfortable speaking your truth.

  • Or maybe you’ve gone through a difficult relationship that involved rejection or betrayal, or you’re going through it currently. And you know it impacted your confidence, visibility and income a lot, but you can't understand how to fix that and get back on the horse professionally again.


You don’t fully and consistently implement business strategy, marketing and visibility programs you've already invested in, because of those fears and the self-sabotage they create.


While all of this is stopping you from unlocking greater levels of impact, financial success and professional realization, as well as showing up authentically in all areas of your life

and you want to finally get to the ROOT OF WHAT'S CAUSING these issues.


That’s why I'm inviting you to join my

"Confident to Lead"


In this 1-on-1 experience, we'll work on the 

deeply-seated relationship wounds and communication fears (fear of criticism, failure and success) 

that hide behind most of professional and entrepreneurial blocks, 


so you can become the leader you are meant to be, get to your goals and live your purpose.




  So if you’re looking for a practitioner who’d not only overcome her own paralyzing fear of public speaking, camera, marketing, visibility overall, but also has been helping female entrepreneurs and professionals to:

  • Transform or leave family and romantic relationships that weren’t serving and nurturing them.

  • Speak their truth, stand up for themselves and show up with more confidence and self-belief.

  • Not drop the ball and freeze when aggression is thrown at them.

  • Be able to take criticism that matters, without feeling rejected or deflated. 

  • Ask for raises at work, increase their prices and make career and business moves. 

  • Build their teams and companies. 

  • Overcome discomfort and resistance to marketing, self-promotion and sales.

  • Live in alignment with their inner compass, no matter what.

Then join me to experience a DIFFERENT WAY to release your professional blocks, 

by addressing their common denominator 

---  unresolved relationship wounds and early life trauma.


And healing the them on the level of your 

BIOLOGY (body memory and energetics)


and PSYCHOLOGY (mindset, subconscious mind, emotional state and archetypes).


We will use my innovative psychosomatic release techniques (the Body Memory Release Method!) to work on your neurological and subconscious patterning,

combining it with energetic, trauma, nervous system and metaphysical work.


  • 1-on-1 body memory release, hypnotherapy and coaching sessions

  • Assessment questionnaire

  • Genetic Astrology session (a unique modality that connects the birth chart and transgenerational and family trauma patterns, that can help you understand the road blocks to reaching your professional goals even deeper and see through your relationship dynamics overall)

  • Email or Voxer between sessions

  • Therapeutic hypno-meditations (prerecorded) that you can use daily to deepen your process

  • Lifetime access to all the recordings.


A 5-week “From the Mother Wound to the Gift” program to help you transform childhood trauma and the relationship with your mother that might be unconsciously affecting your personal and professional life.


The program includes 5 recorded modules with Q&As and therapeutic meditations.


(priced at $747 regularly)

The program investment starts at $1200 a month.

There are TWO options of the program available, 

so book your 30-min assessment call with Tatiana to choose the best option for you.

What you might have tried before:

You've done years of mindset, hypnosis and personal development work, but the same fears keep coming up whenever you are criticized or rejected.


And you’ve been told that you need to:

  • change your limiting beliefs into positive ones


*** as if changing deeply subconscious fears connected to survival and the freeze, flight and fight responses of your nervous and hormonal systems could be that easy…***

  • override and fry your nervous system and the survival signals your body sends by pushing with will-power​

  • reprogram your subconscious mind without addressing the fears and unresolved relationship wounds and traumas (stored in your body memory) FIRST​…


But you realize that none of these techniques brought you the long-lasting changes to make your career or business EASIER!

And you're excited to try a modality that'll address your body memory, emotional state, subconscious mind and psychological structures needed to fearlessly grow in your career or business

and create changes that LAST!

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