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If you want to permanently overcome fear of public speaking, camera, marketing or selling.

, confidently share your message, and get to your income and impact goals, you need to stop doing mindset and motivation type of work and do this instead:

Fear of visibility and exposure is so much deeper than what it is believed to be by the mind-based paradigm that dominates transformational and coaching industry.

The truth is this fear is SURVIVAL-BASED and is run by our bodies' AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEMS THAT ARE OUTSIDE OF THE MIND'S CONTROL. It is hard-wired into our neurological and cellular memory (the intrinsic memory of the body), neurochemistry and the habitual neuropathways that are operated by our survival instincts.

Therefore, IT CANNOT BE FULLY RELEASED WITH THE MIND ALONE. Just like we cannot control other functions of the autonomic nervous system.

Not even with the subconscious mind ... (and I'm a hypnotherapist saying this!!!)

The mental (thinking & beliefs) aspect is only one SMALL part of this mechanism!

Therefore, THE QUICKEST WAY (and the only permanent way there is really...) to overcome this type of fear is TO ADDRESS THE STATE OF UNSAFETY STORED BY OUR BODIES, NERVOUS SYSTEMS AND THEIR MEMORY.

This was the reason why I started working with the BODY FIRST (MIND SECOND...), and as a result was able to resolve this paralyzing, panic attack type of fear in my own life, and then began successfully applying the same principles and process with clients.

Before my discovery however, I also believed and tried all the mind-based work, and continued to fail, miserably. I also used to believe that the fear would just go away if I "practiced more" and "did it scared, did it anyways". But it continued to show up at every level of my business... Year after year... Until I got into thousands of dollars in debt and almost gave up on my dreams to make a difference in this world with my work.

Because, no amount of mindset shifting, positive thinking, reasoning or practicing more can permanently release the STATE OF UNSAFETY and SURVIVAL held by our nervous systems.

Especially for those of us who have gone through multiple adverse life experiences and come from traumatic backgrounds that locked us in a chronic state of survival.

Our bodies' intelligence will continue to protect us from any PERCEIVED DANGER. To make sure our safety.