I will help you achieve

radical CHANGE and HEALING.

Break FREE from emotional wounds, trauma, pain, and limiting behaviors,

reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS mind



   I am a transformational hypnotherapy specialist and intuitive expansion coach, specializing in several modalities, such Quantum Healing Hypnosis, regressive and cognitive hypnotherapy, and have also developed my own method, where I use a unique combination of techniques to guide my clients through expanded states of consciousness, in order to overcome various types of trauma (such as family, relationship, sexual, medical and others), release their manifestation from the body, reprogram the subconscious mind, deepen their inner knowledge and RADICALLY transform their life.
   I began this work because I had struggled with childhood, family and medical traumas myself, which resulted in many issues that accompanied me in life for YEARS, such as anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships, complex body pains and several serious health conditions. Yet somehow, deep inside me, I always sensed that this was NOT the way to live life. I felt there was a more harmonious conscious experience awaiting me and I wanted to find my answers and solutions to heal my body and overcome all the pain...
   My journey led me to getting a degree in Psychology, studying various healing modalities all over the world, and even going through surgery, yet nothing seemed to create long-term results on the physical level and certainly not on the emotional. Until, by the hand of that same guidance from withIN me, I discovered the UNPARALLELED healing power of expanded states of Consciousness and hypnosis in particular.
   These states allowed me to have ALL that I was looking for – reprogram my traumatized subconscious, clear my body from stuck emotions, energy blocks and the “dis-eases” they were causing, shift my awareness from the limited state I existed in, overcome recurring situations and relationship fiascos in my life, connect me to my Soul and its Wisdom and awaken my Inner Resources and Purpose.
   I achieved personal freedom, inner peace, abundance and deeper knowledge of mySelf as a creator of my life and all its experiences. Through these states, I discovered that what we think is real is only “real” because we believe it to be so, running our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the same old tracks and repeating the old stories indefinitely. I learned how the mind can be unlocked and subconsciously re-programmed to help it “believe” more harmoniously, which STOPS this negative cycle and creates space for the NEW thoughts, attitudes, ideas and then events to manifest. For years I had practiced this on myself, living a life of conscious choice to be the best human I can be, being truly connected to my Soul and also sharing it with others.  
   I developed my own transformative method of higher-states-of-consciousness hypnosis and coaching, that allows my clients to achieve deep long-term changes in all aspects of their life, working with Mind, Body and Soul holistically.
   My main passion in life is to EMPOWER others to FREE themselves from deep-seated wounds, traumas and pains, emotional attachments, dependencies and living in survival, shifting into an EXPANDED state of Self AWARENESS, so they can become the BEST versions of their emPowered Soul Selves and shine forth with their Brilliance!
   I work with clients from all over the world via online sessions and am also doing group hypnosis sessions, as I travel, living in different countries for the last 3 years, in order to reach and help more people with my work.

 Heal our Body,

Reprogram your Mind,

 Ignite your Soul

and Its Passion for Life!

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Important notice: Hypnotherapy should not be performed for individuals with schizophrenia or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Disclosure: Tatiana Villarea is a transformational hypnotherapist specialist, intuitive and coach. She is not a medical or mental health professional and is not qualified to provide medical advice. It is your responsibility to receive medical advice and/or assistance from the appropriately qualified professionals if desired or needed.

Tatiana Vilarea has made every effort to accurately represent the benefits you will receive through working with with her.  That being said, there are no guarantees of any specific results or benefits for a particular individual. The testimonials and examples used here are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will experience or achieve the same results. Each individual’s process and success depends on many factors, including but not limited to, their background, starting point, dedication, and motivation.

Cancellation policy: The cancellation policy for ALL sessions with Tatiana is 48 hours. There are no refunds beyond 48 hour period.


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