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Money. Men. Freedom.
6-week intensive for entrepreneurial and professional women

Heal your relationship with MEN and POWER



A deep dive into psychoanalysis of MEN, MONEY and the 5 STAGES OF FEMALE PSYCHOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT

for women who would never settle for less than extraordinary.

Stop overworking, release codependency with masculine power, start receiving with more ease


and grow your income to the level you've never accessed before.



If you:


  • Have difficulty allowing money in, unless you work hard for it and "earn" it.


  • Keep hitting money ceilings or having money leave your bank account as fast as it comes in. 

  • Are doing feminine energetics and manifestation work so you can receive money with more ease, but still find yourself "too much in the masculine" and have issues with trust and surrender.

  • Perhaps you quit a career where you made great money and started a spiritual, healing, coaching or other type of business, but now making money feels difficult and you are wondering why.

  • Or maybe you don't have a problem receiving money from your romantic partner (or parents), but receiving it through your business or career feels much more difficult.

  • While you might also experience issues with confidence, codependency, managing and leading people, or triggers in your relationships with clients.


you've done a lot of money mindset, manifestation and energetics work, 

but they haven't brought you CONSISTENT results.

Because for a woman, your relationship with money and how much you allow for yourself is rooted in your relationships with men and masculine patriarchal power.

And that's why these blocks need to be addressed FIRST before any other therapeutic, mindset or personal development work can create lasting results.

And what's even more important is that addressing these issues must start with the BODY and releasing your SURVIVAL, UNSAFETY and EMOTIONAL MEMORY.

So your identity and mindset changes can be congruent with your body.

Not to be pulled back and recreate those old emotions and patterns of overgiving, overworking, proving, codependency, external validation and feminine inferiority with both men or money.


While a big part of the work must also include releasing transgenerational and collective feminine and masculine trauma.


That's why it is so important to work with a methodology that goes beyond mindset-shifting or subconscious mind work alone. Since these traumas are imprinted NON-VERBALLY and PRE-CONSCIOUSLY, before we develop analytical thinking or language.

We can't reason and mindset through these levels...

This is why my Body Memory Release method and the "Money. Men. Freedom" program were created!

Working with body memory that holds your safety and feminine power is the reason my clients get rapid results overcoming the most stubborn relationship and money issues.

While combining it with psychoanalysis and female developmental psychology to help you move through the 5 psychological stages that we're meant to move through as women and the blocks to holding power and making money these stages create for us women.

So if you are ready to address your money blocks DIFFERENTLY 

in a body-focused, feminine, holistic way

I'm inviting you to join this 6-week intensive.

So you can transform your relationship with men and feminine power, heal your heart and achieve money goals you haven't been able to achieve before.

If interested, send me a message

to have a quick chat and decide if we are a great fit to work together.


After the chat, we'll get you started with assessment, bonus modules and schedule your first 1-on-1 session with me.

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