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Is it about nervous system regulation or getting to the bottom of your fear?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

There is currently a wave of awareness among female business owners, awakening to the effects of trauma and early life emotional wounds on our nervous systems and how they show up as business fears, relationships issues and other professional blocks. A lot of people are talking about nervous system regulation, using various somatic (body-focused) or energy practices for it. Such as breathwork, EFT (tapping), different type of movement, earthing, meditation, visualizations, essential oils, etc.

And yes, these are all amazing practices that I myself use and recommend to others when needed, but they continue to be only a part of my work.


Because I believe that when we use these body/energy based tools as a "solution" to the problem, we get REROUTED from the root cause level work to treating the SYMPTOMS.

Similar to how mind-based therapeutic approaches would "treat" our mindset symptoms and NOT WHAT CREATED the beliefs and thoughts on the level of our biology and emotions (since emotions are chemicals that our bodies create and run habitually and get addicted to). Targeting mental and subconscious levels only.

Let me explain what I mean in more detail.


Therefore, we must effectively release the fear hook, together with the emotional charge that it creates (>>> all the other emotions and fears that follow and get added on top of it!) in order to STOP the nervous system dysregulation and other symptoms/reactions we have.

If the "hook" stays in, we will continue to experience our triggers over and over again (be it in our business/relationships/health, etc.).

The nervous system is going to "dysregulate" AGAIN. The old reactions will continue.

The work with biology, neurocircuitry and neurochemistry of fear is how we address and prevent setbacks.

Trauma and deep emotional wounds affect our nervous system and are then remembered by it (I speak about it in my posts and videos/interviews regularly) as cellular and neurological memory (wiring) and the flight/fight/freeze "autopilot" responses that got created by the negative events in the past.

And since these nervous system responses are not the cause of the problem, but are its CONSEQUENCES, we continue to aim at the wrong target.

There is no doubt that those therapeutic approaches can help us regulate/calm down the nervous system, balance energy flow and lower the body's reactions to our triggers. And we humans should, ideally, be educating ourselves on these topics and learning these techniques in this day and age, when information is easily available at the tips of our fingers.


If our goal is to resolve the problem we experience (let's say a fear or block we experience in relationships or business) vs only regulate it and make life more tolerable!

Let's take one of my past clients who wanted to become a speaker in order to share her work from stages and reach global audiences, but experienced a lot of fear, self-sabotage, procrastination and all the other classic blocks around fear of being seen/visibility.

From the first session, I guided her through a series of body memory release exercises that built on each other and amplify the effects, using my innovative methodology to address:

1) the client's root cause fears (caused by physical abuse from her parents, repeated bullying at multiple schools she attended throughout childhood and by her ex "best" friend, as well as transgenerational female trauma and sexual abuse in her lineage that she carried).

2) the psyche and brain's mechanisms that repress fear (there is a "methodology" of how our brains and psyches suppress fear out of self-preservation/to avoid "rehashing the pain". Which creates resistance and sabotage psychologically, and can cause blocks when we decided to ask for help to begin addressing them (hiring a professional). This is the process that gets so many people burned in therapy, etc. and causes retraumatization, making it critical to address our psychological and trauma defenses with the most care, compassion and knowledge.

3) unresolved trauma and her "locked in" emotional state (the habitual paralyzing emotions her body was producing and replaying with every new trigger when she would try to speak publicly or even apply for the opportunities)

4) her subconscious and conscious mind, so the beliefs (the mindset) get adjusted and change with much more ease. After the biology of fear and trauma are released

5) both of their brain hemispheres and their balance - the masculine and the feminine. The logic and creativity/healthy emotional expression. So the client can get out of her survival masculine energy and tap into her feminine. .

So she wasn't just able to get on stage without fear, but also communicate and create more harmoniously, bringing her business to the next level of her Soul expression. Since we humans either create our of compensation, lack, wounding or not-enoughness ... or from our highest Soul potential (and ONE BLOCKS THE OTHER).

If this message and methodology resonates with you, and you are looking for a process that would bring you closer to your dream business and life, I offer a 4-month "Inner Success Activation" program for female entrepreneurs that includes these steps to address visibility, confidence, relationship and financial fears and blocks.

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