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Achieving the highest level of success as entrepreneurs...

Why so many brilliant female entrepreneurs experience burnout, long-term stress, anxiety, etc., and as a result never get to that HIGHEST level of success and impact they are CAPABLE of in their businesses? (compared to statistics for male business owners and the income gap)

We, as women, either experience SOME level of success, but by far not ALL that we are capable of, or... we end up quitting our businesses after a couple of years all together. Very few of us get to that place in running our businesses where we live to our FULLEST. When opening our eyes every morning, we KNOW that we are living life FULL ON. Solid in our purpose, grounded in our power and creating impact (and great money!) with our talents and expertise that this world NEEDS so much right now... While there are many personal, social and other factors playing into this equation, of course, I would like to talk about one of the deepest ones. The one I observe the most working with female business owners.


Fear that stops us from reaching our fullest potential possible. Because when we experience fear-based blocks as entrepreneurs, what are we advised to do?

We are either told to just live WITH and IN fear. That we are meant to just push through it, ignore it and keep going.

Or, we are told to work on our MINDSET. To focus on the positive and somehow shift our beliefs and actions. The mind-based (patriarchal) paradigm we live in has conditioned us to use the mind to "fix" everything. Including fear! But the problem is... this approach is far from what is actually needed to overcome fear PERMANENTLY.

For it to work on the fundamental level.

*** Important note: As always, I am only talking about fears connected to PERCEIVED danger (such as public speaking, sharing our message, claiming our authority, marketing work and all other types of self-promotion and selling, for us entrepreneurs) vs REAL fear for our life & health that is a natural response and should stay and serve us well in life. Because fear and the state of unsafety it creates doesn't just live in our minds. It lives in our bodies and the self-preservation mechanisms it creates... When we follow this mindset approach without addressing the body memory and defenses, fear doesn't actually go anywhere. We just push it under the rug. The energy drain that this inner conflict creates (or shall I say BATTLE) doesn't all of a sudden stop, because we decided to "change our thinking".

This battle CONTINUES to deplete us, regardless of our "thinking". And again, as business owners, we are told to push through and somehow just follow our dreams. And we try!!!

We ignore the fear and the body’s signals, and just keep going.

This leads us to literally FRYING our nervous systems, that, for most of us, are already STUCK in chronic fight/flight or freeze states that stem from different adverse experiences and trauma we have gone through in life. The very experiences that anchored in those fears in the first place. As a result, we spend so much of our creative energy on these inner battles, that it is not a surprise at all that we never reach that HIGHEST potential we are capable of!

Our creative energy is spent on fighting fear and "surviving" these battles instead! So, we get exhausted, stuck and are ready to give up or settle for MUCH LESS....

While this process affects us women much more than men. First of all, we have a very different relationship with fear due to gender, social, cultural and transgenerational factors. Second, we are more in tune with our emotions and can't just hustle our way to the top endlessly, while it's damaging our health and families. All because we have been led down a wrong path of believing that we can somehow override our bodies, nervous systems (that are autonomic, by the way... so it is simply not even physiologically possible!) and biological drives with the mind alone. So what is the solution then, one might ask? How do we leave our fears behind so we can THRIVE instead?

This has been my personal journey and question I kept asking myself for YEARS, trying to overcome my business blocks and fear of visibility specifically. The journey and the solution to which I now believe became one of the biggest purposes of my work in this world.

Helping others release that state of unsafety and fear that are remembered by our bodies neurologically, neurochemically and on the cellular level, with a unique methodology I developed.

Methodology that combines that body memory, emotional memory, energy and subconscious mind work at the SAME time, holistically.

So our thoughts, mindset and actions can change organically and naturally as a result!

Because when we release fear from the body, the mind follows! No frying the nervous system and will-powering through, "doing it scared, doing it anyways" necessary. So we can create mind-blowing, soul-satisfying, heart-opening success we long for. If you are a female entrepreneur who has waited years and tried numerous mind-based tools to overcome the fears that sabotage your vision and purpose, and you would like to finally do it differently, I offer this process as part of my 4-month "Inner Success Activation" program.

~ If this sounds like what you are looking for and you want to see REAL-TIME results that stay, send me a message, or book your initial hypnotherapy session (can be found in the services section) where we will begin this process. After which, if working together further in my program is what we both choose, I will invite you into the program. If not, you will receive a TON of value and a significant shift to move you closer to your goals and dreams either way.

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