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If you struggle as an entrepreneur and keep seeing others succeeding with much less effort.

it's time to take a more thorough look at what specific experiences from your past are affecting your business and take these 2 important steps:

Because if you know that >>>

- you've hired business and strategy coaches with proven record of success in your industry to help you learn marketing, messaging, sales, etc.;

- you've tried to implement all the strategy you learned from them, followed their methodology and put in the time and the work;

- you've done mindset work, invested in coaches, courses and read all the "how to become a millionaire books" with no effect on the "tangible results" in your bank account;

- you've purchased and continue to purchase all sorts of motivational courses and programs to keep yourself "in the right energy" and "calibrate to wealth",

>>> it is no longer a strategy, motivation or mindset issue. And chances are, those issues haven't been the MAIN reason behind your lack of progress all along.

There are 2 steps you take to look into the real reasons behind it:

- you can take the ACE questionnaire (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and find out your score (this questionnaire is an official psychological "measurement" for childhood trauma).

- make a list of all negative experiences you can think of from your past (not just the ones mentioned in the ACE, because there is a LOT of traumatic events that it leaves out!).

This would be any psychologically impactful experience with your family members during your formative years, any loss or shock to the famil