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If you struggle as an entrepreneur and keep seeing others succeeding with much less effort.

it's time to take a more thorough look at what specific experiences from your past are affecting your business and take these 2 important steps:

Because if you know that >>>

- you've hired business and strategy coaches with proven record of success in your industry to help you learn marketing, messaging, sales, etc.;

- you've tried to implement all the strategy you learned from them, followed their methodology and put in the time and the work;

- you've done mindset work, invested in coaches, courses and read all the "how to become a millionaire books" with no effect on the "tangible results" in your bank account;

- you've purchased and continue to purchase all sorts of motivational courses and programs to keep yourself "in the right energy" and "calibrate to wealth",

>>> it is no longer a strategy, motivation or mindset issue. And chances are, those issues haven't been the MAIN reason behind your lack of progress all along.

There are 2 steps you take to look into the real reasons behind it:

- you can take the ACE questionnaire (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and find out your score (this questionnaire is an official psychological "measurement" for childhood trauma).

- make a list of all negative experiences you can think of from your past (not just the ones mentioned in the ACE, because there is a LOT of traumatic events that it leaves out!).

This would be any psychologically impactful experience with your family members during your formative years, any loss or shock to the family system, school experiences (bullying, conflict with or being shamed by a teacher, loss of a friend, etc. ) --- any event that could be traumatic for a CHILD.

Don't think of it as the adult you are now. Go deep. Think from your child self's perspective. What events and who impacted your life negatively?

What caused a lot of FEAR and UNSAFETY?

Who rejected, left or betrayed you? Who or what made you DOUBT yourself?

What made you believe in LACK and lead to living in SURVIVAL?

And most importantly, honestly ask yourself if you felt UNCONDITIONALLY loved, cared for and supported while growing up? Or did you have to always meet someone's expectations to "deserve" it???

The higher your ACE score is, the longer your list of negative events is or the more traumatic any particular event you remembered is (even if it's just one, but I guarantee there will be MORE, if you are human!), the more impact these formative life experiences have on your business success, financial situation, relationships and all your life RIGHT NOW.

Sabotaging all your mindset and strategy implementation.

Making this list and sitting with it for a couple of hours/days, adding to it, writing down your realizations and the overall recognition of these events' importance, will be the MOST effective "business strategy" you can take for yourself right now.

The one that, if you choose to work on it further and address these experiences with a person who specializes in this type of work, will set you free in both your business and personal life. The strategy that will make all the DIFFERENCE and allow you to finally apply (!) all the other tools you have learned, but couldn't implement consistently (!) without your past sabotaging it mentally, emotionally and energetically.

Will you commit to these 2 steps???

Let me know what you discover. I would love to support you and give any feedback on the experiences you'll find, if you want to share and reflect.

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