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Fear of public speaking, camera, marketing, selling and other types of self-promotion.

If you want to permanently overcome fear of public speaking, camera, marketing, selling and other types of self-promotion, start confidently sharing your message, and get to your income goals, you need to stop doing mindset and motivation type of work and do this instead:

As entrepreneurs, it is very unlikely that we will create TRUE financial independence, IMPACT and life of FREEDOM we want so much (otherwise we'd just have a job instead, right? ) without becoming fully VISIBLE and KNOWN for what we do.

Without addressing these blocks, we will either:

- spend years HIDING in our business (which has definitely been the case for me and nothing limited my business growth more than this!), sabotaging our success and not reaching the goals and impact we want to create. Because deep inside we are AFRAID to be FULLY SEEN and CLAIM our expertise.


- hustle 24/7, use other business strategies to COMPENSATE for that lack of visibility and get lost in busywork to distract ourselves from the ONE THING that matters the MOST (overcoming the fear FOR GOOD and letting the world know about us!).

This is why the most common "symptoms" I see in entrepreneurs with fear of visibility (and other similar fears) are stress, burnout, inability to relax and trust themselves, worry about the future/money and anxiety. In addition to feeling stuck, not making enough money and feeling lack of fulfillment.

Because fear of visibility is a subject that is so much DEEPER than what we are made to believe by mind-based approaches that dominate transformational industry and the world of psychology. Though, the truth is >>> this fear is hard-wired into our BODIES' cellular memory, neurochemistry and its neurological pathways run by our autonomic nervous system. Therefore it can never be fully released with the mind alone.

>>> Even with the subconscious mind ...

And I'm a hypnotherapist saying this! Trust me, I tried doing it and failed miserably for years. While also getting into $15,000 debt (and almost giving up on my dream to make a difference in this world with my work), believing I can just practice it away and "do it scared, do it anyways". No amount of thinking, reasoning or deciding can PERMANENTLY release the STATE OF UNSAFETY that the body holds, as the body's intelligence will always fight back to PRESERVE itself from any PERCEIVED DANGER.

Especially for those of us who have gone through adverse life experiences or come from a background with a lot of trauma.

The body memory will bring up all sorts of sabotage and resistance to make sure your SAFETY, and will spend a lot of your ENERGY on that self-preservation (wonder why you get so tired physically and have that "mental fog" when you try to push through this fear with will power, in order to show up in your business???).

This self-preservation and all the resistance and sabotage it creates comes from that CHRONIC STATE OF UNSAFETY, hyper-vigilance and fight/flight/freeze responses of your nervous system. . The mental aspect is only one SMALL part of this mechanism.

Of course, it is the mind (and the brain) AS WELL! But men who have created this old paradigm of mind-based education, have overestimated the ability of the mind to control our biological and evolutionary drives...

To demonstrate this better, I would like you to ponder on how much control our minds have when quitting sugar, coffee, drugs or sex? Or the addiction that we as humans have to negative emotions that we experience with our toxic family members, coworkers or to watching the news? Getting angry or upset every time, yet continuing to come back for more, again and again...

Is you mind really as powerful and consistent as you would like it to be???

This biological process is BEYOND its control. Our nervous system (and therefore the fear we feel) cannot be reasoned with using words, thoughts or logic.


Therefore, the quickest way (and the only permanent way there is really...) to overcome these blocks is by addressing the state of UNSAFETY stored by your body and its MEMORY.

This was the very reason why I started working with BODY, NERVOUS SYSTEM and EMOTIONAL MEMORY with all my clients FIRST. After I discovered and resolved it in my own life and body (having overcome the panic attack type of fear I used to have when speaking on camera and publicly).

All the mindset work, visualization, manifestation and any other amazing tools we want to use to create success in our lives and businesses will go IN ADDITION to this type of work. But not instead of it.

Since they cannot substitute for the FELT SAFETY in the body and certainly do not just somehow make our nervous system's responses "go away' on their own.

As a body and emotional healing focused hypnotherapist now, I actually believe that the mind(set) adjusts itself to the new internal state NATURALLY and ORGANICALLY, once the body memory is released and the nervous system gets stabilized.

This bottom up approach (from the body up) vs top down (from the mind down) makes all the difference in working with any types of trauma and emotional wounding based blocks we have (since this is what causes fear of visibility and countless other business blocks).

My clients usually report back with variations of the following statements after just several of our sessions: "I don't know how it happened but I am no longer afraid to do "it". And by "it" they mean all sorts of marketing; being on sales calls; raising their prices; speaking on stage and being on video; no longer hiding on Zoom meeting (and never asking the questions that matter to them in programs they paid for(!!!) because of that fear that used to haunt them); finish their book without procrastination; etc. Considering that program is built on 2 hypnotherapy and 2 coaching sessions each month, and compared to years of their previous attempts to overcome this fear, this process is QUICK. To make it highly efficient and quick, I had to discover and develop tools that work on the level that could be actually UNDERSTOOD by the body and the subconscious. Tools that are beyond words and thoughts only. A different "language", so to say.

~ The modality and the step-by-step process I designed for this type of transformation includes:

- releasing stored negative emotions and post-traumatic associations from your body memory

- address transgenerational imprinting and trauma that have been passed down epigenetically through our lineage, as well as the negative experiences in our personal lives

-repatterning those neurologically wired responses that run on autopilot beyond the mind's control

- reprogram the subconscious mind to believe more harmoniously AFTER the body and emotional state have been released

- and more.

The process I use also addresses both of the brain hemispheres: the left logical and the right emotional, in order to release fear (since this is how the brain processes and suppresses it) and bring body and brain back to balance and homeostasis.

While simultaneously combining it with conscious mindset level work, so the ENTIRE mechanism that holds the perceived danger and causes resistance and avoidance can be unhooked.


If you are a female entrepreneur who had tried countless mind-based modalities to overcome your visibility fear and sabotage, and you would like to experience this work, I offer a 4-month "Inner Success Activation" program for entrepreneurs who are ready to create their impact in this world and don't want to waste any more time.

Helping you permanently release fear of visibility is ONE of the things we do in the program to move you towards success. From the inside out.


If this sounds like what you are looking for, send me a message or book your initial hypnotherapy via my services page. .

See you in my DMs and then on stage and video, as the LIMITLESS woman you are MEANT to be.

A woman who shows up fully, takes consistent business actions, goes for her dreams and then dreams EVEN BIGGER.

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