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My Story

My own journey with medical trauma and injury began at age 21, when I was trying to solve my reproductive health issues, while the doctors were scaring me with a prognosis of cervical cancer.

      Living in non-stop fear and overwhelm, I agreed to undergo a LEEP procedure, as a result of which I developed severe complications due to the damage to the pelvic nerves that the procedure caused. They included unbearable pain all around my reproductive organs, loss of libido, inability to experience arousal and complete loss of my ability to orgasm and enjoy sex.

     My despair was exacerbated by heavy transgenerational trauma, a very conditioned perception of sexuality and femininity, and also unprocessed childhood trauma. I felt powerless, miserable and I had no idea how to “save” myself.

     Yet one thing I knew for sure – I did not want to spend the rest of my life in fear and nonstop check-ups and procedures, hoping powerlessly that cancer would not develop further.

     I embarked on a long journey of research – from conventional medical treatments to various healing modalities – in attempt to heal my body and mind, overcome all the pain and re-awaken my sexuality and my sense of self as a woman.

    My symptoms continued for years until, by the hand of some guidance from withIN me, I discovered the unparalleled healing power of expanded states of consciousness which can be accessed via hypnosis. Using these states, I was able not only to heal my body, but I also brought back and even increased my sensitivity and ability to receive sexual pleasure.

       How did I achieve this amazing transformation?

I was able to rewire the neurological pathways and severed connections between my cervix, spinal cord and brain; reprogram my traumatized subconscious; clear my body from stuck emotions, energy blocks and the “dis-eases” they were causing; and finally shift my awareness from the limited state I had existed in all my life and into a state of conscious connection to my SOUL, its WISDOM and its PASSION. I also discovered a completely new IDENTITY and built a new LIFE!

In these hypnotic states I also discovered that what we think is real is only “real” because we believe it to be so, running our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the same old tracks and repeating the old stories indefinitely. I learned how the mind can be unlocked and subconsciously reprogrammed to help it “believe” more harmoniously, which STOPS this negative cycle and creates space for the NEW thoughts, attitudes, ideas and then events to manifest. I learned HOW the mind, our beliefs and thoughts create our HEALTH and WELLNESS or lack of thereof…

I developed my higher-states-of-consciousness hypnosis method, that allows my clients to achieve deep permanent changes in all aspects of their life. Working with Mind, Body and Soul holistically, I integrate several hypnotherapy modalities (such Quantum Healing Hypnosis, regressive hypnosis, cognitive hypnotherapy, and others) with my own consciousness-transforming and energy-healing techniques that I have developed throughout the years.

Working with hypnotherapy, I encountered too many women who have gone through sexual and medical trauma. These types of trauma cause damage to the most SACRED part of every woman, relationship and connection with which affects ALL aspects of our lives and our CONSCIOUSNESS. I also became aware that so many women have no idea that these traumas and injuries can be REVERSED and HEALED.

This is why I created my “Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming” package. It combines years of my personal experience and expertise with a unique blend of most effective hypnosis and energy healing techniques to permanently and deeply heal the body and the mind, clear deep-seated traumas, and assist you in stepping into your truest potential. 

Whether you are a woman who has gone through childhood, sexual or relationship trauma,

or a woman whose sexuality has been a dormant or suppressed part of her life,

or maybe you experienced medical trauma like I did,

I want you to know that YOU CAN SET YOURSELF FREE!

You do not need to feel lost and alone.

You do not need to spend YEARS going to countless practitioners, trying to find all these Mind, Body and Soul solutions separately.

They are waiting for you here in this package, as I don’t want you to be living in this state of survival and unbearable emotional or physical pain even one more day!

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