Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming Package



to rewire your BODY, reprogram the subconscious MIND,

and break FREE from sexual, emotional or medical trauma,
so you can emBODY pleasure!

Are you ready to REWIRE and REAWAKEN your BODY,

heal your MIND and EMOTIONS on the subconscious level,

let go of pain and fear,

and confidently step into your sexuality and a deeper sense of Self,

by activating your SOUL connection?

– then join me in my Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming Package!


  • Have you gone through sexual trauma and feel disconnected from your body, or have shame related to your sexuality and desire that is affecting your intimate relationships and connection to Self?

  • Are you experiencing reproductive health issues and suffering from pain, reduced sexual desire, sense of disconnect, loss of sensitivity or orgasms?


  • Have you gone through medical trauma, such as after LEEP/LLETZ, IUD insertion or removal, cold coagulation, cone biopsy, endometrial ablation, episiotomy, hysterectomy, abortion or other reproductive organs surgeries, which resulted in damage to the pelvic nerves, and your body has never felt the same ever since?

  • Are you experiencing psychological changes and emotional difficulties, such as anger, anxiety, depression, regret and fear that you might not be able to fully heal and reverse the damage?

  • Are you suffering from pain, loss of libido, sensitivity or orgasms and other side-effects?


  • Are you feeling stuck, isolated, lonely, and not understood or dismissed by others around you who haven`t experienced this trauma, including medical professionals and partners?

  • Do you want to bring your body and mind back to health, pleasure and ease, leaving this part of your HERstory behind?

  • Have you tried all kinds of medical and healing modalities, but never found an effective approach that can help you overcome these issues PERMANENTLY, by releasing the physical, energetic and emotional trauma and re-wiring your body?

If this is you, then I can assist you to

re-wire and re-awaken your body,

​let go of pain,

heal your mind and emotions,

so you can emBody pleasure with confidence and ease!

Here is how your life looks like after our work together:

  • You have created NEW NEUROLOGICAL PATHWAYS, re-wired your BRAIN-BODY CONNECTION, and re-awakened your SENSITIVITY, AROUSAL, and PLEASURE.

  • You have released FEAR, GRIEF and ANGER, cleared body trauma and shock, processed negative memories and are no longer controlled by your past.
  • You have found ROOT CAUSES of various psychosomatic health issues you had and cleared them, one by one.
  • You have reclaimed your ENERGY and overall QUALITY of life.
  • Your sexuality has become an integral component of your BEING-ness and SELF-EXPRESSION.
  • You have re-activated your FEMININITY, inner RESOURCES and GIFTS, and tapped into your CREATIVITY.
  • You are now CONFIDENT to BE YOURSELF.
  • You have experienced amazing HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS and expanded your INNER REALITY.
This is why I`m excited to invite you into


Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming


- a 6-month transformational hypnotherapy package

for women who desire to build

a whole new Body-Mind-Soul relationship,

heal their past traumas and awaken their sexuality

This is what others say about working with me:

"Working with Tatiana through this delicate process was by far one of the most amazing experiences ever. I confidently recommend her to anyone who is ready for a heart opening, masterful Higher Self connection and a mind blowing experience."

Elizabeth C. The Azores Islands

"Tatiana is a professional, skilled, and dedicated healer. Her services have been extremely beneficial in many ways. She is qualified, competent, and tremendously devoted to her practice. I can confidently recommend Tatiana and will definitely continue working with her in the future!"

Jess, New York

"After our first session, I feel like many dark corners where negative energy and beliefs were stored have been swept clean and light shone on them. I am seeing easy solutions to long standing problems and feeling younger and more excited about my singing. You are great. I love your work!


My Journey with Medical Trauma

      My own journey with medical trauma and injury began at age 21, when I was trying to solve my reproductive health issues, while the doctors were scaring me with a prognosis of cervical cancer.

      Living in non-stop fear and overwhelm, I agreed to undergo a LEEP procedure, as a result of which I developed severe complications due to the damage to the pelvic nerves that the procedure caused. They included unbearable pain all around my reproductive organs, loss of libido, inability to experience arousal and complete loss of my ability to orgasm and enjoy sex.

     My despair was exacerbated by heavy transgenerational trauma, a very conditioned perception of sexuality and femininity, and also unprocessed childhood trauma. I felt powerless, miserable and I had no idea how to “save” myself.

     Yet one thing I knew for sure – I did not want to spend the rest of my life in fear and nonstop check-ups and procedures, hoping powerlessly that cancer would not develop further.

     I embarked on a long journey of research – from conventional medical treatments to various healing modalities – in attempt to heal my body and mind, overcome all the pain and re-awaken my sexuality and my sense of self as a woman.

    My symptoms continued for years until, by the hand of some guidance from withIN me, I discovered the unparalleled healing power of expanded states of consciousness which can be accessed via hypnosis. Using these states, I was able not only to heal my body, but I also brought back and even increased my sensitivity and ability to receive sexual pleasure.

How did I achieve this amazing transformation???

I am ready to emBody pleasure with confidence and ease!

Here is what’s inside this UNIQUE 6-month
 transformational hypnotherapy package:


Build the Foundation to Get You Set for the Journey:

  • Learn about trance states (what they are and what they aren’t).

  • Understand what working with expanded states of Consciousness means, and HOW this process can HEAL TRAUMA and TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

  • Get familiar with the techniques we will use to understand the “How” and the “Why” of your healing Journey to come!


Release Post-traumatic, Psychosomatic, and Emotional Blocks:

  • Uncover emotional, transgenerational and energetic roots behind your health issues – past traumas, deep-seated unconscious wounds, stuck negative emotional energy, internal mental or emotional conflicts – so you can finally begin to set yourself FREE!

  • Clear post-traumatic emotional associations and trapped pain, so you can free yourself of negative emotional loops that tend to activate your body`s chemical reactions and affect your psychosomatic issues.

  • Set on your journey of rewiring your body to release pain and creating a new brain-body connection.


Discover and release the Mental Blocks, Negative Beliefs and Post-traumatic Cognitive Patterning that hold you back:

  • Reprogram post-traumatic mental associations that keep you from moving forward, so you can start living pain-less and free.

  • Continue to build new neurological pathways and rewire your brain-body connection, in order to not only release pain and re-awaken your sensitivity, but also transform your mindset.

  • Dig to the bottom of deeply rooted beliefs and mental blocks to release them, so you can finally live life ON YOUR TERMS.

  • Disconnect from what no longer serves you, so you can free up the space for your NEW body and life!


Reassess your Needs for the Next Months to Come:

  • Track the changes to CELEBRATE and HONOR YOU and your PROGRESS.

  • Identify hidden blocks you weren’t aware of before, so you can get to the deeper levels of your subconscious and heal it all.

  • Re-evaluate your changing needs after the work we have done so far and create a customized JUST-FOR-YOU plan of action for the weeks to follow.

  • Receive my mentoring to help you process, implement and integrate all the information and discoveries you have made.

  • Learn my quick and effective tools to help you shift your emotional state whenever needed.



Amplify your Pleasure and Sensitivity so you can Deepen into your Body


  • Target even deeper causes of your emotional states and wounds, so that you can free yourself from the pain and realign to pleasure.

  • Continue to clear your “body memory” and release accumulated blocks, so you can free yourself from psychosomatic health issues and deepen your physical healing.

  • Continue to rewire your neurological pathways to reactivate and amplify your physical senses, so you can tap into your Life Force and become a powerhouse of PLEASURE!

Your Soul`s Path Connection to Access the BIGGER Picture:


  • Take a deep dive into one`s true Self and connect to your Soul`s guidance to explore your Journey across lifetimes and expand your understanding of “reality”.

  • Explore your karmic patterns, lessons, and continue to work on transgenerational trauma, that together are affecting your current life, so you know exactly what to focus on and how to clear your physical, emotional and mental challenges and be done with them for good!

  • Understand how different events and decisions in your life fit into the BIGGER picture of your Soul`s Journey to become the MASTER OF YOUR PATH!

  • Gain a vision of how you can make NEW choices to CREATE your life with this greater awareness of your Soul and deeper meaning.


Step into an EMPOWERED NEW YOU by aligning with your Soul:

  • Expand your awareness to an even GREATER YOU, connecting and embodying your deep Soul Wisdom, so you can feel CONNECTED, SUPPORTED and eternally LOVED.

  • Receive deeper healing, alignment and strengthening of your connection to the Divine Life Flow withIN you.

  • While experiencing an expanded state of Consciousness, understand the deeper meaning of your past experiences to gain CLARITY and WISDOM that will teach and guide you into a NEW stage of your life as your EMPOWERED Soul Self!


Celebration of your new Body and the NEW You!      


  • Celebrate your new Body, your Desire and Empowered Passion for life.


The package includes:
  •  Extensive customized-just-for-you hypnotherapy sessions to meet your unique needs:


 I will not only assist you in rewiring your body, but also guide you deep into your subconscious to release past and current traumas and conditioning, and help you navigate through expanded states of consciousness, so that you can experience your own Soul deeply and feel SUPPORTED, CONNECTED and LOVED.


  • In-depth mentoring sessions to guide and support you on your journey to health & wholeness:


 Together we can build a new mental framework for you to comprehend with ease everything that you are experiencing and PROCESS it efficiently for the effective changes to take place in your life. I will support you mentally, energetically and spiritually, assisting your Mind and Body on this path of deep Self-discovery.

  • Assignments to enhance your experience and track your progress throughout the program:

 It is essential to have a record of your process so that all of the components of your mind, including the subconscious, have a “proof” of the actions you have taken to change your body, your old beliefs and habits into a new state.

  • Quick Remedies” to help reset your emotional reactions and mindset when “Life happens”.


BONUS # 1:



VALUED at 2500$

You will learn SUPER EFFECTIVE emotional clearing, psychosomatic release, meditation and hypnosis techniques that I have gathered for over 10 years, the theory behind them and how they work their MAGIC!

You can use them during and after our work together, to help you process negative emotions, let go of pain and tension, reprogram your subconscious mind, become more self-confident, gain inner peace and so much more!

  • Learn to communicate with your subconscious mind and reprogram it in a way you CHOOSE, so that you can become the MASTER of it!

  • Learn to transform your emotional states and reactions when “Life happens”, so that you are never trapped in your negative emotional loops again!

  • Learn to relax your mind and body to ENHANCE and ACCELERATE your healing results and expand your awareness.

BONUS # 2:



VALUED at $400

The price of your discovery Transformational Hypnotherapy session will be included in the package for those who sign up at the time of the consult.

BONUS # 3:



VALUED at 600$

Six 20-minute phone calls with me during non-office hours. They are to assist you in processing when “life happens” or challenging situations come up – so you don’t need to wait for our next scheduled session to get support.

BONUS # 4:




VALUED at $160

You will get recordings of all our sessions throughout the program.

  • You will be able to go back to any of the sessions as many times as you need to, so you can deepen your process and integrate the information quicker.

  • You will have an opportunity to take notes of important session`s insights and have forever access to the vast information you will discover about your Self.

  • Having access to these recording will also give you a chance to have a more neutral “observer” (vs participant) perspective on the entire session`s experience, so you gain CLARITY and VISION about your overall Path.

BONUS # 5:


VALUED at $220

  • The assignments will assist you in processing and implementing the changes in your daily life, help with accountability and tracking the results with every session.

  • They will also help us make our work as customized to your changing needs as possible, so I can assist you in the very best way I can.

Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming Package


to REAWAKEN your relationship with your body,

heal your MIND and EMOTIONS on the subconscious level,

let go of pain and fear,

and confidently step into your SEXUALITY

and a deeper sense of Self!


  • have tried multiple healing modalities but never found a WHOLE-istic approach that created PERMANENT results.
  • are tired of living life trapped by the trauma of your past and want to take ACTION to finally RESOLVE them!
  • READY to take RESPONSIBILITY for your life and do the work, following the CLEAR and EFFICIENT steps I have ready for you in order to get the results you want.
  • willing to GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT while also being SUPPORTED, ENCOURAGED every step of the way!

Then I invite you to join me in this UNIQUE 6-month

"Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming"

hypnotherapy package!

This program is NOT for someone who is:

  • looking for a “quick fix” and not willing to invest time and energy into their own transformation.

  • wants to blame life’s circumstances instead of taking responsibility for their inner world, stepping into their POWER  and achieving RESULTS.

  • trying to escape the problems instead of facing them in order to expand one`s Consciousness and DIVE DEEPER into themselves in order to TRULY heal.

It is time for women all over the world

to HEAL the relationship with their bodies,

CLEAR the pains and the traumas of the past,

take OWNERSHIP of their sexuality and femininity,

and fully EMBODY their pleasure and power!

This Program is by invitation only,
as I work with a limited number of clients per month in all my programs.
I would love to begin assisting you
on your healing journey right away,
so you don’t have to live feeling trapped by trauma and pain
even one more day!

     So if you are feeling...

  • CURIOUS and EXCITED reading this (you’ve gotten to the end of the page after all!)

  • HOPE-full that something can finally change in your situation PERMANENTLY!

  • ready to re-AWAKEN your relationship with your body, re-activate your FEMININITY, confidently step into your SEXUALITY, deeper sense of Self and connection to you SOUL!


To begin your healing transformation, book your discovery hypnotherapy session.
To inquire about Soul-Aligned Post-Traumatic Reprogramming Package, contact me via the contact form, so I we can decide if this program is right for YOU! 
 Once your message is received, I will get in touch with you via email as soon as I can.

I am so looking forward to assisting you on your journey of


My promise is to guide you into higher states of Consciousnesses,

so that you can rewire your body, release the pain, reprogram your mind,

fully emBODY your pleasure and step into you Soul power!

Tatiana Vilarea