About Tatiana:

Tatiana Vilarea is a hypnotherapy specialist, coach and international best-selling author for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders. She helps her clients overcome visibility fears, confidence issues and other inner blocks that keep them from reaching the impact, income and success they deeply desire.

Tatiana developed a proprietary method that reprograms body memory and its habitual neurological patterning. She combines her unique methodology with subconscious work and other highly effective transformational tools, addressing body, mind and emotions holistically.

Having used her innovative body memory release techniques to let go of her own deep-seated emotional wounds and traumas, Tatiana was compelled to share them with others and create real-time results for those who have also "tried it all before," yet continue to experience recurring blocks in their personal and professional lives.

Her biggest passion is to help business owners who are passionate about making a difference with their products and services build their businesses on the foundation of emotional well-being, deep self-trust and rock-solid confidence. 

Transformation areas:

Tatiana utilizes a unique blend of highly effective hypnotherapy, body memory release, mindset transformation, emotional and Quantum healing, and other techniques to address:
- emotional and mindset blocks
- imposter syndrome and issues with self-confidence
- fear of visibility, camera, public speaking, stage, etc.
- issues with marketing, sales and pricing
- income inconsistency and money "ceilings"
- and other fears and limitations
caused by
- negative early life experiences
- emotional and relationship wounds and trauma
- limiting beliefs, conditioning and behaviors
that play out in our personal and professional lives and sabotage our success.





All sessions are held online (Zoom), so you can have a session with Tatiana from anywhere you are in the world.

Inner Success Activation
hypnotherapy & coaching session

Quantum Expansion
hypnosis session

Inner Success Activation Program
for female entrepreneurs

Visibility, leadership, confidence and the blocks we experience as entrepreneurs

The Main Key to Transformation and How Do We Sabotage Change?

What is hypnosis and WHY we WANT to use it!?

Resistance and lack of commitment?

Is your business happening TO you or FOR you?

Why are SELF-DOUBT and IMPOSTOR SYNDROME such chronic issues?

Fear of visibility, public speaking and camera: how do we stop it for good?

It's no longer enough to be an EXPERT in what you DO... you also have to be an expert in WHO YOU ARE

What the clients are saying:

"The way I charge for my services is forever changed. I have previously worked with a coach who taught me why I "needed" to charge more for my services, working with me on my beliefs. With Tatiana's process however, I was able to get to the bottom of why I couldn't do it. Why I had all the fears and kept resisting. I have tripled my fees since I started working with her and am so much more confident with marketing and sales in general. I could finally stop hiding.

But most importantly, I feel at peace and am no longer doubting myself. I began to value myself and what I do so much more! I cannot thank Tatiana enough for her outstanding method and skills." D.R., Washington