I will guide you to create the NEXT LEVEL personal and business GROWTH
and IMPACT you desire,


so you can stop emotional triggers and
roller coasters, burst through INNER glass ceilings, fears and limiting beliefs,
and grow a FULFILLING business
with more EASE.
About Tatiana:

Tatiana Vilarea is a coach, intuitive and a hypnotherapy specialist for conscious business CREATION, EXPANSION and SUCCESS.


She is the author of a proprietary method that combines highly effective subconscious, hypnotherapy, psychosomatic and body memory tools,

to help SOUL-DRIVEN women to go from self-doubt, fears, stress and overwhelm, to feeling FULFILLED and ENJOYING their successful businesses, while making a difference with IMPACT and PURPOSE.

Having used the power of hypnosis and other subconsciously-targeted tools to let go of deep-seated emotional wounds and trauma, overcome unconscious negative scenarios that played out in her personal life and business, Tatiana also achieved INNER freedom, fulfillment, abundance and deeper knowledge of herself as a creator of her life and its experiences.

Her biggest passion is to empower others by expanding their

SELF-AWARENESS, achieving emotional HEALING and MASTERY,


by getting to the ROOT CAUSES of various limiting patterns,

blind spots and INNER "glass ceilings", 

and addressing them holistically on

4 core-levels (emotional & body memory, mind and energy).

In order to consciously create the life & business they can ENJOY,

with more ease.


"I am so grateful to Tatiana for all the knowledge and the multi-leveled process that she guided me through. Several months later, my business transformation is still unfolding and I am feeling really confident in myself and where I am headed.


I have tried many coaches to overcome the fears that stopped me from moving to the new stage of my business, but never found this level of depth before.


During our hypnosis sessions, she navigated me to and through unconscious blocks (that I did not even know existed!) and then helped me integrate the changes in the coaching weeks, in a very deep and profound way.


Experience her process to become the best version of you. A much stronger, courageous and whole you!" Liz G., Texas

Transformation areas:

  • Emotional healing and mindset transformation to address:
~ self-doubt, overgiving and burnout
~ issues with visibility, marketing and sales
~ income inconsistency and blocks
~ and other limitations
caused by
~ negative early life experiences
~ emotional and relationship wounds
~ limiting beliefs, conditioning and behaviors
that play out in our personal and professional lives and sabotage our growth, success and income.


Tatiana's unique methodology is built as a combination of:
~ emotional release tools
~ body memory and neurological re-patterning
~ mindset and subconscious reprogramming
~ inner child and identity work
~ transgenerational imprinting release
~ self-awareness and consciousness expansion practices



All sessions are offered online via video

Inner Success Activation
hypnotherapy & coaching session

Soul Business Activation Program
for female entrepreneurs and leaders