step into the NEXT LEVEL personal and business GROWTH & IMPACT you desire,

and grow a FULFILLING business
with more BALANCE and EASE.
About Tatiana:

Tatiana Vilarea is a hypnotherapy specialist, intuitive and Inner Success coach for heart-centered female entrepreneurs who struggle with emotional triggers, fears, and doubts and want to step into unwavering inner confidence to create the business, impact and income they deeply desire.

She is the author of a proprietary method that combines highly effective subconscious, emotional, energetic and Body Memory Release techniques to help business owners overcome inner limitations and unconscious blocks that hold them back and create SUCCESSFUL businesses they can ENJOY, with more SELF-AWARENESS, BALANCE and EASE.

Having used the power of hypnosis and other subconsciously-targeted tools to let go of deep-seated emotional wounds and trauma, overcome unconscious negative scenarios that played out in her personal life and business, Tatiana also achieved INNER freedom, fulfillment, abundance and deeper knowledge of herself as a creator of her life and its experiences.

Her biggest passion is to empower entrepreneurs by expanding their

SELF-AWARENESS, achieving emotional HEALING and MASTERY,


getting to the ROOT CAUSES of various limiting patterns, blind spots and INNER "glass ceilings", 

and addressing them holistically on

the levels of body memory, emotions, energy and mind.

so they can make a difference with IMPACT and PURPOSE.

Discover and reprogram unconscious Life Scenarios
that play out in your business and personal relationships,
release unresolved EMOTIONS and BODY MEMORY
that hold you back,

reset your subconscious mind 
manifest the life and business of your DREAMS

Do you struggle with implementing strategy?

Life scenarios introduction masterclass

Why is it so hard to follow through on our business decisions?

Two biggest fears in entrepreneurship

What the clients are saying:

"The way I charge for my services is forever changed. I have previously worked with a coach who taught me why I "needed" to charge more for my services, working with me on my beliefs. With Tatiana's process however, I was able to get to the bottom of why I couldn't do it. Why I had all the fears and kept resisting. I have tripled my fees since I started working with her and am so much more confident with marketing and sales in general. I could finally stop hiding.

But most importantly, I feel at peace and am no longer doubting myself. I began to value myself and what I do so much more! I cannot thank Tatiana enough for her outstanding method and skills." D.R., Washington


All sessions are offered online via video

Inner Success Activation
hypnotherapy & coaching session

Inner Success Activation Program
for female entrepreneurs

Transformation areas:

Emotional healing, body memory release and mindset transformation to address:
- imposter syndrome and self-confidence blocks
- fear of visibility, camera, etc.
- issues with marketing, sales and raising prices
- income inconsistency and money "ceilings"
- life and work balance
- and other limitations
caused by
- negative early life experiences
- emotional and relationship wounds
- limiting beliefs, conditioning and behaviors
- and other limitations
that play out in our personal and professional lives and sabotage our growth, success and income.




Tatiana's unique methodology is built as a combination of:
- emotional release & neuro-somatic repatterning
- subconscious reprogramming
- trauma release work
- mindset coaching
-  Quantum energetics & manifestation tools