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Experience body-focused hypnotherapy and an innovative Body Memory Release method that will allow you to finally get to the core of recurring business and relationships blocks, fears and sabotage.
Even if years of mindset work and other modalities you have tried have not brought lasting results.

Using my body-first approach and working with your body memory, emotions, subconscious beliefs and energetics holistically will allow you to release long-term relationship wounds, survival fears and different types of trauma that hide behind the most common blocks experienced by entrepreneurs and leaders,

so you can create the impact, income, success and inner fulfillment
you deeply desire.

About Tatiana:

Tatiana Vilarea is the creator of the Body Memory Release method, a hypnotherapist, coach, international best-selling author and speaker. She works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders helping them overcome visibility fears, confidence issues and relationship blocks that show up in their personal and professional lives.


She helps her clients resolve emotional and relationships wounds hiding behind their fears and blocks, so that they can reach the fulfillment, impact, income and success they deeply desire.

Tatiana developed a methodology that works with "body memory" (the habitual neurological patterning of the body) which she combines with subconscious work and other highly effective transformational tools, going beyond the mind and working with the person holistically.


Having used her innovative body memory release techniques to let go of her own deep-seated emotional wounds and trauma that had affected her romantic relationships, business and finances for most of her life, Tatiana was compelled to share them with others who have also "tried it all before," yet continue to experience recurring blocks in their personal and professional lives.

Her biggest passion is to help heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders transform their fears and relationship wounds, so they can build their lives and businesses on the foundation of embodied self-confidence, authenticity, emotional well-being, and unwavering self-trust. 

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Tatiana utilizes a unique blend of highly effective body and emotional memory release, hypnotherapy, mindset and other techniques to address:

- emotional and mental triggers, fears, trauma and other blocks that show up in romantic relationships and as business blocks

- imposter syndrome and issues with self-confidence and self-belief

- fear of visibility, camera, public speaking, stage, etc.

- fear of rejection, judgement, failure or success

- and other fears, limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors that originate in negative early life experiences, negative bonds with parental figures, relationship wounds and different types of traumatic experiences.

Want to realize your relationship and business goals to build the life you can feel deeply fulfilled by and proud of?

What the clients are saying:

"Without knowing that you have been internally sabotaging yourself, without knowing that there IS a way to clear all of that and stay stuck.

Tatiana's skill set is unique and she has a variety of ways to help you. If you want to begin the process of releasing blocks, creating possibilities and seeing new potentials for yourself, I strongly suggest you to work with her.

Whether you are considering healing from emotional patterns and reactions, beliefs that you unconsciously learned and then patterned in your life from your family and their family, or perhaps it is to reach beyond your comfort zone and create. Or may be you need the courage to change something. Give yourself the gift of starting the process to heal from a place where you might not even know you have been wounded.

Working with Tatiana will touch your heart, stimulate your mind and creativity, comfort your weary subconscious and teach you to see and feel things from a more open place within you." - Sherry, USA

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