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Do you want to realize BOTH your relationship and professional goals, so you can build the life you can feel deeply fulfilled by?

To experience BOTH a soulmate relationship that nourishes and fuels you

AND a business or career that reflects your talents and purpose.


  • You experience recurring relationship fears, triggers, self-sabotage and patterns of codependency in your love life.

  • Maybe you are in a relationship, but you and your partner fight frequently and experience the same triggers, but can’t find a way to stop them and repair your connection.

  • You can't leave a relationship or marriage that is unfulfilling, unsupportive and codependent.

  • Your children don't see you lead yourself, because you don't follow through on your words and decisions.


  • Maybe you are dating and tend to attract certain type of partners who you recreate the same negative patterns with them and it happens over and over again...


  • You can’t let go of a past romantic relationship and forget your ex, even months or years later!

  • You feel heartbroken and long for the connection you had with them, feeling like parts of you were left in that relationship.  *** because they were...! ***

  • You have a hard time recovering from past betrayal, rejection or being cheated on, feeling sad and disappointed, or angry and resentful.

While all of these relationship issues are ALSO sabotaging your professional realization, career or business growth, your income and inner fulfillment overall...


you want get to the bottom of what's causing these patterns,

so you can finally live your dreams!

Then I would love to invite you to


- a 5 week group experience

Where I share over 10 years of experience working with emotional healing and relationship trauma at the root of most common relationship, professional and financial blocks.

If you are tired of relationship advice or talk therapy that either barely touche the surface because they focus on changing beliefs, behaviors and other coping(!) strategies, but don't get to the bottom of unresolved emotions, body memory, relationship trauma and psychological wounds that hold them and then lead to MOST of our blocks in life...

Or teaches passive spiritual and energy practices that don't engage the body, psyche, emotions and mind actively and holistically.

While the truth is... even if we use these strategies for some time.., eventually the deep emotional stuff (and all of our survival fears...) will come out and bite us in the long run!

Because they can only be suppressed for so long!

Inside"Unattached", we are going to do the psychological, emotional, metaphysical and body memory work that includes:

  • inner child wounds and negative bonds with your parents and family

  • transgenerational conditioning and trauma

  • relationship and attachment psychology

  • feminine and masculine wounds

  • unconscious love scenarios

  • relationship and attachment psychology

  • investment model of attachment (the theory I developed in my work over the last 5 years)

The program will help you:

》》》Get to the bottom of why you attract certain types of romantic partners, team members, employees or clients, and recreate similar negative patterns over and over again.

》》》Transform your childhood wounds and the psychological structures connected to them that are now sabotaging your romantic relationships, leadership, professional success and money.

》》》Discover your hidden transgenerational imprints (the unresolved patterns from your family's lineage that are activated and anchored in your psyche, genetics and body memory) and how they connect to your love fiascos, recurring fears and self-sabotage.

》》》Understand how your romantic partners' wounds and trauma interact with yours, so you can handle conflicts differently.

》》》End relationships that aren't serving you and release the feelings of longing, disappointment or hoping to get that past partner back.

》》》Set clear boundaries, express yourself authentically and confidently, so others can hear you. Communicating from a place of power instead of your wounds.

》》》Transform deeply unconscious feminine and masculine wounds and insecurities that hold you back from experiencing love that empowers, gives wings and fuels your professional and financial success!

We start September 30th.



  • 5 Group Coaching Calls - to ask your questions, get personalized attention, share your experiences and learn new skills.

  • 5 weekly Trainings

  • Access To All Recorded Trainings (to watch at your own pace and time).

  • Private Group and Community Chat (on a separate sharing platform outside of Facebook) - to connect with other members and ask questions between group calls.

Self-Sourcing Love:

From the Mother Wound to the Gift



Plus get a BONUS module
as soon as you sign up!

This program has 3 options:

The first option is the group program alone.

Join NOW for $747!

The second option is "UNATTACHED"


TWO one-on-one sessions with Tatiana during the program (saving $310 compared to purchasing them separately),

to deepen into customized-for-you body memory and trauma work, using her innovative Body Memory Release methodology.

Join now for $1547!

And third option is purchasing a bundle of "UNATTACHED"



$267 OFF.

For a payment plan, message us at contact​

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