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Psychosomatic Release Technique

Psychosomatic Release Technique is a unique approach that allows my clients to achieve immediate changes in their physical, emotional and energetic states, by working with the causes of various underlying blocks and conflicts within one`s subconscious mind directly, bypassing the conscious mind.

This method has helped thousands of people to permanently overcome various types of trauma, clear negative emotional energy from body, mind and their energy system, resulting in long-term changes in various areas of their life, such as health and well-being, career, relationships, life`s transitions, personal growth and many others.

This method will allow you to:

  • get to the bottom of your deep-seated emotional wounds

  • find the roots of your health issues and release them by clearing past trauma, stuck negative emotional energy, internal mental or emotional conflicts

  • strengthen your boundaries, so you can stop feeling drained or influenced by others energetically and emotionally

  • re-claim your inner resources that have been trapped by trauma, so you can gain your self-confidence and FEEL FREE to be your UNIQUE YOU!

The initial session is 2 hours long, after that all sessions are 75 minutes.

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