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Are you a heart-centered woman who wants to realize your deepest relationship and business goals to build the life

you can feel deeply fulfilled by and proud of?

You want to experience a soulmate, power couple relationship that nourishes and fuels you to grow spiritually and professionally.

While you have a business or career that reflect your talents, gifts and expertise.

Living as a role model for your children and family, and acting from your inner power instead of "shoulds", "could haves"and "what ifs".

Being your most authentic self, grounded in your soul purpose.

Then join my exclusive membership-based community for soul-driven women where I share over 10 years of knowledge and experience working with emotional healing and relationship trauma


at the root of most common relationship, professional and

financial blocks experienced by entrepreneurs and leaders.


  • Do you experience recurring relationship fears, strong emotional triggers, issues with self-confidence, or self-sabotage in your love life?

  • Maybe you are in a relationship, but you and your partner end up fighting about the same issues and experiencing the same triggers, and can’t find a way to sop them and repair the connection.

  • You feel like your relationship is very reactive, you get easily triggered and hurt by the smallest things your partner says or does.

  • Or maybe you are dating and tend to attract a certain type of romantic partners and recreate the same negative patterns, over and over and over again...


  • You struggle with recurring (and very stubborn...) business or career blocks, such as perfectionism, impostor syndrome, or discomfort, fear and resistance around public speaking, being on camera or stage, and being seen overall.

  • Maybe you are undercharging for your work, or overdelivering and have poor boundaries with clients, team members or employees. And experience issues with leadership and managing people because of it...

  • Or you hate any types of self-promotion, marketing or sales.

  • Or perhaps you procrastinate frequently, and don't follow through on your ideas and goals, because you are unconsciously afraid of success. And so you sabotage it!!!


While all of these fears and blocks sabotage your impact, income, success and inner fulfillment...

And you want to understand how all of these seemingly unrelated issues come together like a puzzle that you can finally see clearly and begin solving!?

Because all this blocks stem from the same relationship wounds, traumas, early life experiences and survival fears locked in your PSYCHE and BODY MEMORY,

and until they are effectively resolved, your relationships, business, financial success and life fulfillment overall will continue to loop in repetitive cycles.

When you FEEL your potential and have your big vision, but can't quite reach all of it.


If you are tired of relationship and business advice that either barely touches the surface because it's focusing on changing beliefs, behaviors and other coping strategies, but doesn't get to the bottom of unresolved emotions, traumas and suppressed relationship wounds that are creating MOST of our blocks in life!

Or teaches passive spiritual and energy practices that don't engage the body, psyche, emotions and mind actively and holistically.

But the truth is... even if we use these strategies for some time, eventually the deep emotional stuff and underlying survival fears and trauma will come out and bite us in the long run! Because they can only be suppressed for so long!

The work we are going to do in this membership is going to be built on the deepest inner transformation connected to:

- inner child wounds and our negative bonds with our parents and families

- known or suppressed traumas 

- fear, hyper-vigilance and survival conditioning

- feminine and masculine wounds

- unconscious life, love and money scenarios

- transgenerational conditioning and trauma

- archetypal patterns.

The membership will help you:

》》》Get to the bottom of why you attract certain types of romantic partners, team members, employers or clients, and recreate certain patterns with them.

》》》Dive deep into understanding your childhood wounds and the psychological structures connected to them that are now sabotaging your money, impact, leadership and business success.

》》》Learn how to master your inner state and become an expert in navigating your triggers and fears, so they no longer sabotage your relationships, business, money and success.


》》》Set clear boundaries, express yourself authentically and confidently, so others can hear you. Communicating from a place of power instead of your wounds.

》》》Transform deeply unconscious feminine and masculine wounds and insecurities that hold you back from experiencing love that empowers and gives wings.

》》》Discover and understand your transgenerational imprints (the unresolved patterns from your family's lineages that are activated and anchored in your psyche, genetics and body memory) and how they connect to our love fiascos, recurring fears, survival, money trauma and self-sabotage.

》》》Understand how your romantic partners' emotional wounds and trauma interact with yours, so you can stop recurring conflicts.

》》》Learn how to handle conflict differently.

This membership is going to be one of the BEST WAYS to work with me, apart from my 1-on-1 programs!


  • Biweekly Group Coaching Calls - to ask your questions, get personalized attention, share your experiences and learn new skills.

*** YES! As a member, you will have an opportunity to get personalized coaching during the group calls or receive feedback on a question you asked ***

  • Monthly Live Masterclasses and Trainings

  • Access To All Recorded Trainings (just log into the platform and watch at your own time and pace).

  • Monthly Guest Expert Trainings by amazing guest mentors.

*** Would you like to be a guest too?! And teach us in community something you are an expert in?! Reach out to me and we will discuss your idea and have you scheduled for the upcoming months! ***

  • Private Facebook Group and Community Chat (on a separate sharing platform outside of Facebook) - to connect and collaborate with other members, share your wisdom and ask questions.

  • Invites to my future offerings at special pricing for members only.

We start April 3rd!

If this is something you want to be a part of, save your spot and secure your founding member pricing ($147 a month!) while you can!

*** It will stay unchanged for those who join now, for as long as you continue to be a member. ***

The enrollment is first-come-first-serve and waitlist is going to be available once enrollment closes.

*** In order to get the most from this community, create changes that last and have access to the library of all prerecorded materials available, there is a minimum 4-month commitment to the membership.

Choose your enrollment option:

  • Membership monthly

    Every month
  • Membership 4 months

    Pay in full for 4 months and get $50 off
    Valid for 4 months
  • Membership 6 months

    Pay in full for 6 months and get 1 month FREE
    Valid for 6 months
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