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Abundant to Receive

- 7 week group hypnotherapy and mentoring program


who knows she is MEANT FOR MORE

and wants to stop overgiving and


 Let go of overgiving
as one of the biggest blocks to personal and professional GROWTH, SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT.
If you are a woman who
  • recognizes patterns of overgiving in her personal and professional relationships and wants to start RECEIVING AND THRIVING instead.
  • knows she is MEANT FOR MORE and chooses to get a hold of the deep-seated blocks and sabotage that stop her from letting LIFE and SUCCESS be EASY.


  • is ready to break free from fear of rejection or not fitting in.


  • courageously chooses to put herself FIRST (as commitment to ourselves is where ALL transformation and healing start!).


  • knows that there are aspects of her sexuality and pleasure that can benefit from deeper ability to RECEIVE.

  • believes that learning to RECEIVE and ALLOW (instead of just giving) will open up the doors to her career and professional growth.


  • wants to live in alignment with the universal FLOW and her SOUL!  





  • You give so much of your time and energy, that you don`t have much left for yourself...

  • You are struggling with self-doubt, perfectionism and inner criticism.


  • You feel depleted and lack CLEAR BOUNDARIES in personal relationships, romance and business


  • You are hesitant about raising your prices or asking for a raise at work, and tend to GIVE MORE than you RECEIVE.


  • You have difficulty having CONSISTENT MONEY FLOW or getting to the NEXT LEVEL of your income.


  • You keep bumping into the same blocks over and over again, while it is hurting you, your career and attracts people who take advantage of you.



  • You are looking to overcome these patterns, so you can unapologetically step into that NEXT LEVEL of SUCCESS and INNER FULFILLMENT.


"Abundant to Receive"!



  • ENJOY LIFE MORE, without worrying about others and what they think or need first


  • feel secure to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT and ALLOW yourself to experience more LOVE and SUPPORT


  • reprogram your nervous system, body memory and your subconscious mind, so you can create NEW emotions, thoughts and behaviors that are no longer depleting you


  • build HARMONIOUS relationships that support your GROWTH and leave overgiving and rescuing others behind


  • connect to your body and awaken deeper levels of your sexuality as an important part of your life and expression


  • unapologetically prioritize yourself, so you can finally have time, energy and resources for making your DREAMS A REALITY


  • let go of self-doubt and limiting beliefs to make GREAT MONEY and serve the world with your gifts!


ABUNDANCE that is yours...

Here is what is inside this group 7-week hypnotherapy and mentoring program:

During 7 weeks together, you will be guided using various hypnotherapy and other techniques, in order to help you achieve core-level changes, by addressing your emotional, mental, physical and energetic states and working with the root causes of various underlying subconscious blocks, conflicts and hidden life scenarios.


Become aware of the sabotaging patterns that block RECEIVING in LIFE, LOVE & WEALTH:


  • Explore the importance of the feminine principle of ALLOWING and RECEIVING.

  • Discover the CORE WAYS in which we block our potential as women in personal life and financial success, so you can begin to let them go.

  • Positive and negative aspects of doing life the "overly feminine" way. What do we give up for it and what does it COST US?


  • Positive and negative aspects of doing life the "overly masculine" way. What do we achieve? What is the cost of it physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually?


  • How you can balance BOTH polarities to live in BALANCE and HARMONY.


Let go of overgiving patterns in life and business, so you can begin to ALLOW ABUNDANCE IN:


  • Explore your early life relationships and patterns that formed you, so you can begin to transform them, and make the RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF the MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL.


  • Discover and reprogram root-cause patterns behind overgiving and the psychological mechanisms that hold us in patterns of not feeling enough, valued or fulfilled.


  • Using this week`s hypnotherapy recording, begin to shift your self-perception and repattern your beliefs, so you can develop new habits that will SUPPORT YOU in life.


  • We will work on various emotional patterns stored in your psyche and reprogram them, so you can step into your power, feel worthy to RECEIVE and LIVE IN HARMONY.



Reprogram social, transgenerational and gender conditioning imprints to RECEIVE AS MUCH AS YOU GIVE, and become INTERNALLY FREE:


  • This week, we will dive deep into unconscious patterns of social, gender and family conditioning: WHY we make the decisions we make, and HOW to change what deeply limits us.


  • Become aware of HIDDEN LIFE SCENARIOS and INNER CONFLICTS that unconsciously play out in your life, personal relationships and business.


  • Using a unique guided hypnotherapy technique, begin to reprogram these patterns and the limitations that stem from them, so you can become INTERNALLY-DEFINED.


Understand how the states of unsafety and hyper-vigilance affect the female body, health, emotions, mind and behavior:


  • Explore the patterns created by fear, unsafety and the fight-or-flight response of the nervous system that make us perceive life and push through towards our goals in disbalanced ways.


  • Explore how these patterns limit our personal and professional FULFILLMENT, EXPRESSION and GROWTH as women.

  • Use the week`s hypnotherapy recording to reprogram unsafety patterns within your own nervous system, so you can create a more peaceful inner state.


Unlock your sexuality and learn to attract and receive LOVE, PLEASURE, SUPPORT and ABUNDANCE you seek:

  • Explore the connection between sexuality, pleasure and our ability to receive, so you can unlock your LIFE FORCE and CREATIVITY.


  • Begin to release family, transgenerational and social conditioning around sexuality, and reprogram yourself for pleasure and enjoyment in life that are YOURS.


  • Connect to your body and your desire, feeling sexuality as an important part of your being and your expression!


  • Explore new ways of ASKING for what you want and ALLOWING it, creating harmonious loving relationships that support your GROWTH.


Quantum jump to become the woman you are DESTINED TO BE:


  • Using this week`s hypnosis recording, connect to the future you who overcomes the obstacles, CHOOSES HERSELF and lives your dreams, so you can anchor the frequencies and pull this potential IN!


  • Connect to the Universal Feminine energy and interconnectedness of ALL life, so you can feel LOVED, SUPPORTED and TRUST your path.


  • Tap into your intuition to guide you into the future where you ENJOY your life and ALLOW ABUNDANCE IN.


  • Experience greater self-awareness, INNER confidence and freedom to be YOU, so you can become CONFIDENT and POWERFUL in your personal and professional life.


Integration week to reflect on your inner transformation and strengthen your new identity, commitment to self and your future:

  • Integrate the process as a group and individually to propel you towards your dreams, in BOTH FEMININE and MASCULINE ways, so you create your life, relationships and work with BALANCE.


  • Continue doing the hypnosis recordings, to anchor, integrate and amplify the entire process, for your physical body, emotions and mind to work in SYNERGY.

  • Ask me questions on any of the weeks` topics, in order to help you deeper understand your personal patterns, so you can create STRATEGIC ACTIONS in your life and business.

Abundant to Receive -

an exclusive 7-week

hypnotherapy and mentoring group program

to create FULFILLMENT and SUCCESS you desire


The group program includes:

- 7 weekly in-depth masterclasses (live over Zoom) to dive deep into the core components that will help you unlock your ability to receive, give more harmoniously and awaken your feminine power, so you can move forward in your personal and professional life with FLOW, EASE and ABUNDANCE.

- 6 weekly recorded hypnotherapy sessions prepared for each specific topic of the week.

I will guide you through a step-by-step process to unlearn, rewire and release the deepest unconscious layers that block your ability to RECEIVE.

- 7 integration calls to deepen the process, answer any questions you have along the way and support you.

We will further expand on the areas of the weeks` topics, in order to help you shift your perception and your self-awareness even more.

- a private Facebook group and supportive environment where you can reflect, share your process and connect with other like-minded women.


- recordings of all sessions during the program.

You will be able to go back to any of the masterclasses and hypnosis recordings whenever needed, integrate all of the information and continue doing hypnosis sessions even after the program is over. 

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Recognize and learn to stop your habitual patterns of overgiving and self-sacrificing, so you can use this energy to create the life or career you dream of!


  • Undergo a step-by-step process using unique tools that address BODY and EMOTIONAL MEMORY (that hold and recreate our old negative patterns when triggered).

  • Addressing body memory and the negative emotions it stores, instead of ONLY working with the mind ALONE (whether conscious or subconscious), is the KEY to all of my clients` biggest transformations over the years. Transformations that they could FINALLY ACHIEVE, compared to countless other modalities and tools they have tried before.

  • Let go of self-doubt and inner criticism, and FEEL FREE TO BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU, so that you can choose to consider the opinion of others, but are no longer controlled by them.


  • Learn how to ALLOW abundance, love, pleasure, money and your feminine power IN!

 This transformative process is for you if:


  • You are committed to the journey of TRANSFORMATION and PERSONAL GROWTH, knowing that healing the deepest parts of your psyche is critical to building the relationship you have with yourself, connecting with others, and having a successful career or business.


  • You never give up and are passionate about consciously becoming an even better version of you.


  • You recognize that emotional and mental patterns that stem from negative early life conditioning, emotional wounds and social imprinting deeply affect the way you show up in your life.


  • You are READY TO COMMIT to inner transformation, as you see yourself as the MAIN “ingredient” to having the FUTURE and the FREEDOM you desire!

  • You choose to no longer allow doubts get in your way, or allow other people dictate your life.


  • You understand that using mindset or other modalities that do not work HOLISTICALLY at the root cause level, and do not include working with body memory FIRST, won`t bring you the deep, core-level results you seek, and you are READY to try something DIFFERENT.

If this is you, then join me

and other like like-minded women for this unique hypnotherapy and mentoring experience!

This transformative process is NOT for someone who:

  • wants to blame life’s circumstances instead of taking responsibility for their inner state and creating change this way.


  • is trying to avoid their problems, instead of addressing emotional wounds, negative life scenarios, thoughts and behaviors that block and sabotage their POWER.


Hypnosis is the most natural state that happens to us daily, when we drive on an empty highway, watch movies, and during the moments right before we fall asleep.

Hypnosis is a state when our brainwaves change from the "active and analytical beta brain" waves to "less active and more introspective alpha and delta" ones. It is a state that we can INTENTIONALLY use to become more attuned to our bodies, emotions and unconscious thoughts, and if deepened into further, can help us expand our self-awareness, heal emotionally and connect to our higher levels of consciousness (which is deeply healing on its own).

You can think of it as a process of self-exploration, gaining deeper self-knowledge, re-patterning automatic emotional reactions, fears and subconscious beliefs, in order to be able to CHOOSE a way of living that EMPOWERS US, vs living in the default state we did NOT choose (as it was chosen for us in childhood and deeply "hardwired" as a result :) ).

I often describe hypnosis as the tool for TRUE INTERNAL FREEDOM. :)

All sessions during the program will be recorded. While attendance for the lives is highly encouraged, in case you can`t make it to some of them, you will be able to watch the recordings afterwards.

All hypnosis sessions are pre-recorded, so you can listen to them at any time convenient for you.

I respect my clients` busy lifestyles and schedules, and also do not believe in giving endless workbooks or hours of weekly video modules as a sustainable way to learn, heal and transform on a deep level.

That is why I created this program with no "homework" materials to fill out or hours of video modules to watch.

The only TWO video components that the program is built on are:

- weekly live Zoom masterclasses (~ 60-75 minutes)


- weekly integration calls (~ 60 minutes) at the end of each week




Attending them live is highly encouraged, but you can watch them at your own pace when needed.


"I am looking forward to getting to know you and guiding you on this transformation journey, so you can ACTIVATE your INNER GIVER and ALLOW THE ABUNDANCE IN!"

- Tatiana

Image by Sharon McCutcheon
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