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all sessions are offered online via video

 "Inner Success Activation"
hypnotherapy, body memory release & coaching session

 This is the initial session to begin working with Tatiana, utilizing a unique blend of body memory release, hypnotherapy, Quantum healing and other techniques.

  • become aware of emotional wounds, trauma, subconscious beliefs and life scenarios that play out in your personal life and business, creating inner conflicts and blocks that show up as issues with:

~ marketing your offers and sales

~ fear of camera and public speaking

~ financial "glass ceilings"and inconsistent money flow

~ building connections and relationships

~ and others.

  • begin to clear body memory and unresolved emotions/trauma that unconsciously reactivate negative experiences from your past and lead to recurring emotional and mental triggers and fears that sabotage your confidence, visibility, income, business growth, client attraction and/or professional relationships

  • gain greater self-trust and inner confidence, so you can take consistent actions and follow through with any business, sales, marketing and visibility strategies without resistance and sabotage

  • reprogram your subconscious mind to create a new mindset that will propel you to living a fulfilled life and growing the business and impact you truly desire

  • determine the direction of our work together, so I can further assist you in making the most impactful core-level shifts in your personal relationships and business

You will experience immediate shifts in your emotional, mental, physical and energetic states, and will also determine if working together in one of Tatiana's 1-on-1 programs is the right fit for you.


Inner Success Activation Program
 for female entrepreneurs

  • release inner blocks, unconscious scenarios and emotional wounds that stem from negative life experiences, so they no longer sabotage your life, business and success

  • dive deep into the root causes of negative emotional and mental loops that trigger different fears, so you can master your inner state and overcome your obstacles

  • become fully visible to market and sell your services with more ease

  • reprogram your beliefs that keep you from confidently moving forward in life, so you can start living your fullest potential in both your personal life and business

  • align with your Soul and gain deeper understanding of your life's experiences to step into inner fulfillment and build your business in a conscious, balanced way

  • align your energy, strategy and vision for Quantum creation

This program is by invitation only.

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