Soul Business Activation

- customized hypnotherapy and coaching program

for SOUL-DRIVEN female entrepreneurs & leaders who want to go BEYOND their glass ceilings, fears and doubts
to finally feel FULFILLED and ENJOY growing their business, while making a difference with IMPACT and PURPOSE.

Is this you?
  • Are you an aspiring or established female entrepreneur, who is driven to MAKE A DIFFERENCE and has AMAZING SKILLS to share with the world?

  • You know you are MEANT FOR MORE and want to go to the next level of personal and professional SUCCESS without depleting or sacrificing yourself, your emotional well-being or personal relationships.

  • You want your SUCCESS to go hand in hand with INNER FULFILLMENT, FREEDOM to be yourself, emotional and mental WELL-BEING and BALANCE.



  • You feel depleted and stressed, lack clear boundaries with clients and work way too hard to “make your business work”.


  • You struggle with self-doubt, perfectionism and inner criticism that stop you from moving forward with your marketing or making sales.

  • You have difficulty raising your prices, having consistent money flow or going to the next level of your income goals.

  • You tend to overgive and overdeliver with your services.

  • You often feel afraid of being judged or rejected by clients, your loved ones or even your team.

  • ​​​You experience fear or anxiety being on camera, public speaking or networking, which limits your visibility and growth.

  • You feel “stuck” as you keep experiencing the same blocks over and over again, while it is hurting you, your business and your personal life?


  • You have hired business, marketing and strategy coaches and did all the “right things”, yet you are still not able to FULLY IMPLEMENT those strategies, because you run into the same subconscious beliefs and fears that sabotage your growth.

  • You are looking for a DIFFERENT way to overcome all of this and make your dreams a REALITY. A way that will bring deep CORE-LEVEL changes that won`t take YEARS to achieve.


"Soul Business Activation"



  • Finally get to ENJOY running your business, make GREAT MONEY and feel FULFILLED and ALIGNED with your SOUL doing it!?

  • Know that your goals and dreams are ACHIEVABLE, because you have addressed your blocks at the root-cause levels (including releasing body memory, neurological patterning and negative emotional loops that hold you back and reprogrammed your subconscious mind).

  • Feel more at PEACE, having a CLEAR DIRECTION and INNER CERTAINTY in your business and TRUST yourself.

  • Become fear, judgement and rejection proof, and easily show up on camera, public speaking and networking, so people who NEED your work CAN FIND YOU!


  • ENJOY having sales conversations, marketing your offers and confidently charge your fees.


  • Feel more EMPOWERED having CLEAR BOUNDARIES, both in your personal life and business.

  • Leave fears and overwhelm behind and finally RELAX and have time for doing the things you LOVE!



What you might have tried before:

You hired business, marketing and strategy coaches and have done mindset work to address various limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Particularly, you have been told to:


  • write down your limiting beliefs and then cross them over or rewrite them into "positive statements", as if changing deeply subconscious beliefs and life scenarios could be this easy

  • focus on reframing negative experiences, "catching your negative thoughts" and just “trying” to think positively

  • push through your blocks and fears, and “do it scared, do it anyways”

  • reprogram your subconscious mind WITHOUT addressing the fears and negative emotional loops that are stored and remembered in your body and its memory FIRST

  • override the nervous system and the signals your body gives you when faced with a challenge or fear, and just push through with your will power

--- yet none of it seemed to create PERMANENT changes and the actions you take in your business still take A LOT OF EFFORT.

You might have also

  • tried different visualizing, manifesting and meditation practices, only to realize that your strong emotions and autopilot thoughts still bring you back to the habitual state when triggered

  • explored other healing modalities that are PASSIVE and do not involve working with different parts of your psyche and your body`s fight or flight response

  • and other tools that do not allow for changes to happen HOLISTICALLY in REAL TIME.

Are you excited to try a modality that combines deep
body and emotional memory release,

neurological and subconscious repatterning
and working with expanded states of consciousness that will allow you to go much further in your personal and business growth than you have ever gone before?


During these 6 months together, I will be using various proprietary hypnotherapy and other techniques that will create changes in your physical, emotional, mental and energetic states, by addressing the root causes of various underlying blocks and reprogramming limiting beliefs and hidden life scenarios that limit your growth.

Here is what`s inside:

Discover and reprogram unconscious life scenarios that play out in your personal life and business:

  • Get familiar with 8 main negative “life scenarios” that block personal and professional success and find out which ones are affecting you the most.


  • Demystify the root causes of inner blocks, conflicting beliefs and other sabotaging patterns that hold you back and how they are reinforced in your IDENTITY, DECISIONS and BEHAVIORS, so you can release them for good.


  • Begin to reprogram these unconscious limitations, so you can create your business consciously, and let go of stress, overwhelm, working hard and sacrificing your personal life and relationships.

Heal past emotional triggers and wounds that sabotage success and growth:

  • Explore your early life relationships to identify and heal unresolved negative emotions that are stored in your body and its memory. We will use my innovative psychosomatic release techniques to reprogram your neurological patterning that leads to habitual emotional responses and triggers. 


  • We will find and reprogram deep-seated emotional triggers and wounds that create the “glass ceilings” that keep you from moving forward in your personal and professional relationships and business.


  • Release your inner critic and reprogram the root causes behind habitual issues with self-doubt, perfectionism and procrastination.


Reset your mind and body to release fear and become UNSTOPPABLE:

  • Using my unique methodology that works on body, emotions and the subconscious mind simultaneously, we will address the causes of CORE FEARS that stop you from following through on your ideas, implementing business and marketing strategies and being more visible.


  • We will dive deep into fear of failure and success, as the two biggest blocks to GROWTH and EXPANSION, so you can consciously step into the business of your dreams.


  • Confidently market and sell your offers, becoming a fearless leader.

  • Start taking consistent NEXT LEVEL ACTIONS naturally, so you can create MORE IMPACT and grow your business with MORE EASE.


Embody your INNER confidence and become rejection & judgement proof:


  • Stop overgiving, strengthen your personal and professional BOUNDARIES, so you can stop feeling drained or influenced by others mentally, energetically and emotionally. 


  • Become INTERNALLY-DEFINED and release old patterns of rejection and judgement, so the external can no longer dictate your life and your business decisions.


  • Release self-doubt to fully own your expertise and reprogram your subconscious mind to confidently charge what you are worth.


Unlock your INNER MONEY and upgrade your strategy:

  • Address your early life conditioning around money, wealth and success, so you can live in ABUNDANCE that is MEANT FOR YOU.

  • Using my innovative techniques, we will work on family, societal and transgenerational female conditioning, so you can RECEIVE AS MUCH AS you GIVE and live in HARMONY. 


  • Reassess and uplevel your business and marketing strategies to support your growth.


  • Create an action plan that is aligned with your transformation and vision.

Go QUANTUM and embody your inner SOUL LEADER:

  • Experience expanded states of consciousness, accessed via the state of Quantum hypnosis, to connect to your Soul and its wisdom, so you can feel SUPPORTED and TRUST your path.

  • Using my claircognizant abilities, learn the Soul lessons that are playing out in your life currently, so you know exactly what to focus on and how to clear the challenges on your path.

  • Get a deeper understanding of your relationship patterns, so you can build a business where you feel CONNECTED and FULFILLED.

  • Understand how different events fit into the BIGGER picture of your life, so you can follow the steps to your SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE with more CERTAINTY and ALIGNMENT.



Soul Business Activation

- customized hypnotherapy and coaching program

for SOUL-DRIVEN female entrepreneurs & leaders who want to go BEYOND their glass ceilings, fears and doubts
to finally feel FULFILLED and ENJOY growing their success, while making a difference with IMPACT and PURPOSE.

This program includes:


- customized hypnotherapy sessions:



Using my innovative techniques, we will not only reprogram your subconscious mind, but also focus on the neurological patterning (body memory) that leads to habitual emotional reactions and negative thoughts when triggered.

Addressing body memory and the negative emotions it stores, instead of ONLY working with the subconscious mind alone, has been the main key to my clients` biggest transformations over the years. Transformations that they could finally achieve using my step-by-step system and methodology, compared to countless other modalities they had tried before.



- coaching sessions:


These sessions are designed to help you reflect on, process and integrate your hypnosis sessions, expand your self-awareness and follow through with the right MINDSET, ACTIONS and business STRATEGY that will move you towards your goals.

- emotional and mindset "reset" tools, intuitive and energetic support:


I will share my proven techniques to help master your mindset and clear emotional triggers that will create more EASE in your daily life and relationships.

I will also support your process energetically and share intuitive insights and strategies to help you align with the highest outcome and growth.


- recordings of all sessions during the program:



You will be able to go back to any of the coaching and hypnosis recordings during the program, so you can deepen your process and integrate the information.

This transformative process is for YOU if:

  • You are a conscious woman who understands that starting and growing a business highlights negative beliefs, fears, emotional wounds and many other limitations, and affects us mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.


  • You are committed to inner growth and see yourself as the MAIN “ingredient” to having the life and business you deeply desire.

  • You understand that using modalities that do not work holistically at the root-cause levels, cannot bring you the results you seek and are READY to try something DIFFERENT.

If this is you, then I invite you to join me, so you can stop the struggle and grow a fulfilling, successful,

Soul-aligned business you can finally ENJOY!

This transformative process is NOT for someone who:

  • still believes that some "quick-fix" strategies can bring sustainable business success and emotional mastery to achieve it.


  • does not feel ready to commit to herself and face whatever comes up, knowing it is a natural process of any real growth.


  • does not see investment in herself as the main asset and a top priority in her life and business.


Are you ready for change?

"I am looking forward to getting to know you and guiding you on this journey of deep emotional healing and self-mastery, so you can become UNSTOPPABLE, follow your VISION and create the IMPACT you desire, while living your BEST LIFE."

- Tatiana