Soul-Aligned Expansion Program


reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND
If you are ready to BALANCE your emotional state,
CLEAR your body memory,
TRANSFORM your limiting beliefs,
gain GREATER AWARENESS of your SOUL`s Journey
 – then join me in my Soul-Aligned Expansion Program!
  • You have gone through trauma, and can’t stop it from showing up in your life again and again, affecting ALL areas of your life?

  • Tired of self-criticism, self-doubt and self-sabotage?

  • Exhausted from being overly dependent on the opinions of others?

  • Stuck in repeating unhealthy family or romantic relationship patterns, and lacking boundaries?

  • Feeling that you are constantly absorbing other people`s  emotions and energy, and do not know how to stop this pattern for good? 

  • Feeling rejected, isolated and lonely?

  • Desiring to create meaningful deep relationships, including a loving relationship with yourself, but don’t know how to achieve that?


  • Suffering from low energy and multiple emotion-based health issues and blocks?

  • Feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Trying to live a spiritually-guided life, but still feel like you are struggling emotionally, getting stuck in limiting beliefs and doubting your path?

  • Unsure of your direction and greater meaning in life, but dream of living a life of PURPOSE, INNER FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE?

  • Are you looking to expand your self-awareness and consciousness to a whole NEW LEVEL and connect to your SOUL and its WISDOM?

  • You have tried all kinds of healing modalities to solve it all, but never found a WHOLE-istic approach that will help you overcome it PERMANENTLY?

If this is you, then it’s time to STOP living in the limitations of your past,

BALANCE your mind and body,

DISCOVER your Soul-full resources,

and CREATE the life of INNER POWER and PURPOSE!

Here is how your life looks like after our work together:

  • You are no longer controlled by your emotional wounds.

  • You are over living in fear and are not trapped by the traumas of your past.

  • You boldly pushed through your mental limitations and reprogrammed those "negative voices in your head".

  • Your anxiety and depression is now a thing of the past.

  • You are EMOTIONALLY INDEPENDENT and even though you value the opinions of others, you are not controlled by them anymore.

  • You have found the causes of various psychosomatic issues and resolved them for good.

  • You let go of self-doubt, self-criticism and people-pleasing, and FEEL FREE TO BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

  • You have freed yourself from destructive relationship patterns and are amazed at how HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS can be!


  • You have experienced amazing states of expanded consciousness and reached higher levels of Self-awareness.

  • You are able to easily tap into your INNER RESOURCES and your Soul`s GUIDANCE!

  • You have expanded your INNER REALITY, discovered a DEEPER MEANING in your life and can now sense THE PATH YOUR SOUL HAS LAID OUT FOR YOU!

This is why I am excited to invite you into

Soul-Aligned Expansion

- an exclusive 6 month 

guided Self-discovery hypnotherapy program

for spiritually-guided people

seeking to ACTIVATE their INNER POWER


Shedding Trauma to Become my True Self

  The beginning of my life wasn’t at all harmonious, as I experienced my share of family trauma from childhood on. This resulted in many issues, like anxiety, depression, dysfunctional relationships, complex body pains and several serious health conditions that accompanied me in life for YEARS.

  Yet somehow, deep inside me, I always sensed that this was NOT the way to live life. I felt there was a more harmonious conscious experience awaiting me and that I needed to align with my True Purpose and Soul Power in order to get there. I wanted my answers and solutions and I wanted them BADLY!

  So, I embarked on a long journey of research, traditional education and conventional methods to heal my body and overcome all that pain… My journey led me to getting a degree in Psychology, studying various healing modalities and even going through surgery, yet nothing seemed to create long-term results on the physical level and certainly not on the emotional…

   Until, by the hand of that same guidance from withIN me, I discovered the UNPARALLELED healing power of expanded states of consciousness and hypnosis in particular. These states allowed me to have ALL that I was looking for – reprogram my traumatized subconscious; clear my body from stuck emotions, energy blocks and the “dis-eases” they were causing; shift my awareness from the limited state I existed in; overcome recurring situations and relationship fiascos in my life; connect me to my Soul, its Wisdom, awaken my Inner Resources and find all those answers I always craved so much!

   I achieved personal freedom, inner peace, abundance and deeper knowledge of mySelf as a creator of my life and all its experiences. Through these states, I discovered that what we think is real is only “real” because we believe it to be so, running our thoughts, beliefs and emotions on the same old tracks and repeating the old stories indefinitely.

   I learned how the mind can be unlocked and subconsciously re-programmed to help it “believe” more harmoniously, which STOPS this negative cycle and creates space for the NEW thoughts, attitudes, ideas and then events to manifest. For years I had practiced this on myself, living a life of conscious choice to be the best human I can be, being truly connected to my Soul Power, and sharing it with others.  
   I developed my own transformative method of higher-states-of-consciousness hypnosis and mentoring, that allows my clients to achieve deep long-term changes in all aspects of their life. Working with Mind, Body and Soul holistically, I integrate several hypnotherapy modalities, such Quantum Healing Hypnosis, regressive hypnosis, cognitive hypnotherapy together with my own techniques that I have developed throughout the years.

   My main passion in life is to empower others to free themselves from deep-seated traumas, emotional attachments, dependency and living in survival, so they can become the best versions of their emPowered Selves and shine forth with their Brilliance!
This is why I created this Program - it combines years of my personal experience and expertise with a unique blend of most effective techniques available for expanding one`s consciousness, while permanently overcoming past traumas, emotional wounds and limiting conditioning.
You do not need to do it alone or spend YEARS going to countless practitioners and trying to find all these Mind, Body and Soul solutions separately! They are waiting for you here in my Program, as I want you to move from living in unbearable habitual emotional or physical pain and limitations of the mind and into an expanded state of Self Awareness, Consciousness and profound healing!

Ready to reclaim your INNER POWER

and EXPAND into your


Here is what we gonna work on inside this exclusive 6-month guided Self-discovery hypnotherapy program:


Foundational Information to Get You Set for the Journey:

  • Learn about trance states (what they are and what they aren’t).

  • Understand what working with expanded states of Consciousness means, and HOW this process can heal trauma and transform your life.

  • Get familiar with the techniques we will use to understand the “How” and the “Why” of your healing Journey to come!

Post-traumatic Emotional Association Release:

  • Get to the roots of your deep-seated emotional states and wounds, so that you can free yourself once and for all!

  • Meet your Inner Child, Inner Critic and Inner Parents to better understand your inner world, so you can become the BOSS of it!

  • Begin to clear post-traumatic emotional associations and responses, so you can SAY “NO” to the traumas that have been ruling your life!


Find and Reprogram Negative Beliefs, Mental Blocks and Post-traumatic Cognitive Patterns: 


  • Discover and reprogram post-traumatic mental associations that keep you from moving forward, so you can start living your TRUE POTENTIAL.

  • Dig to the bottom of deeply rooted beliefs and mental blocks to release them, so you can finally set yourself FREE.

  • Shift to new beliefs and habits that are in your highest good.

  • Rewrite your decisions and change your ACTIONS, so you can open up to the WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES and create a NEW life story!


Reclaim Your Internal Resources and Strengthen Your Boundaries:

  • Continue clearing emotional memories and releasing energetic blocks and health issues to deepen and enhance your healing.

  • Strengthen your boundaries, so you can stop feeling drained or influenced by others mentally, energetically and emotionally.

  • Reclaim your Inner Resources, so you can increase your self-confidence and FEEL FREE to be your UNIQUE YOU!

  • Disconnect from what no longer serves you, so you can free up the space for the NEW life you CHOOSE!



Reassess your Needs and Create a Unique Plan of Action for the Weeks to Follow:


  • Track the changes to CELEBRATE and HONOR YOU and your PROGRESS.

  • Identify hidden blocks you weren’t aware of before, so you can get to the deeper levels of your subconscious and heal it all.

  • Reevaluate your changing needs after the work we have done so far and create a customized JUST-FOR-YOU plan of action for the weeks to follow.

  • Receive my mentoring to help you process, implement and integrate all the information and discoveries you have made.

  • Learn my quick and effective tools to help you shift your emotional state whenever needed.

Your Soul Path Connection:

  • Connect to your Soul`s guidance to explore your Journey across lifetimes, so you can expand your understanding of reality.

  • Learn your karmic patterns and lessons that are affecting your life currently, so you know exactly what to focus on and how to clear the challenges on your path.

  • Understand how different events and decisions in your life fit into the BIGGER picture of your Soul`s Journey to become the MASTER OF YOUR PATH!

  • Begin to rewire your subconscious mind in a specific efficient tailor-made for you way.

  • Gain a vision of how you can make NEW choices to CREATE your life with this greater awareness of Self and deeper meaning!

Align with Your Soul to Create the Empowered NEW You:

  • Expand your awareness to an even GREATER YOU, connecting and embodying your deep Soul Wisdom, so you can feel CONNECTED, SUPPORTED and eternally LOVED.

  • Ask questions and receive guidance from this expanded state of AWARENESS and CONNECTION, and receive your Soul`s answers.

  • While experiencing expanded states of consciousness, activate your talents and gifts that will greatly benefit you in your life.

  • Gain clarity on your direction, lessons and contracts in life, so you can fully step into being your EMPOWERED AUTHENTIC SELF!


Program Completion & Celebration of the NEW You!


  • APPRECIATE and CELEBRATE how FAR you have come!

  • Explore the “BIGGER picture” and gain a CLEAR VISION to navigate into your new SOUL-ALIGNED direction in life with CONFIDENCE and EASE!

The program includes:
  •  Extensive customized-just-for-you hypnotherapy sessions to meet your unique needs:


 I will not only assist you in reprogramming your subconscious mind in order to release any of your limitations that are based on past and current traumas, but also help you navigate through expanded states of consciousness, so that you can experience your own Soul deeply and feel SUPPORTED, CONNECTED and LOVED.


  • In-depth integration and implementation coaching sessions to guide and support you on your journey to inner freedom, soul alignment:


 Together we will build a mental framework for you to COMPREHEND with ease everything that you are experiencing and PROCESS it efficiently for permanent changes to take place in your life. These sessions will assist you in integrating the changes that take place during the hypnosis sessions, so that your physical body, emotions and mind can work in SYNERGY.

  • Accountability assignments to enhance your experience and track your progress throughout the program:


 It is essential to have a record of your process, so that all of the components of your mind, including the subconscious, have a “proof” of the actions you have taken to change your old beliefs and habits to the new ones that EMPOWER.


  • “Quick Remedies” to help reset your mindset or emotional reactions when “Life happens”.


BONUS # 1:



VALUED at 2500$

You will learn SUPER EFFECTIVE emotional clearing, psychosomatic release, meditation and hypnosis techniques that I have gathered for over 10 years, the theory behind them and how they work their MAGIC!

You can use them during and after our work together, to help you process negative emotions, let go of pain and tension, reprogram your subconscious mind, become more self-confident, gain inner peace and so much more!

  • Learn to communicate with your subconscious mind and reprogram it in a way you CHOOSE, so that you can become the MASTER of it!

  • Learn to transform your emotional states and reactions when “Life happens”, so that you are never trapped in your negative emotional loops again!

  • Learn to relax your mind and body to ENHANCE and ACCELERATE your healing results and expand your awareness.

BONUS # 2:


VALUED at $400

The price of your discovery session will be included in the package for those who sign up at the time of the consult.

BONUS # 3:




VALUED at 600$

During our work together you will have an option of six 20-minute phone calls with me during the non-office hours when “life happens” and if you have a need to process any challenging situations without waiting till our next scheduled session!

BONUS # 4:




VALUED at $160

You will get recordings of all sessions throughout the program.

  • You will be able to go back to any of our sessions as many times as you need to, so you can deepen your process and integrate the information quicker.

  • You will have an opportunity to take notes of important session insights and have forever access to the vast information you will discover about your Self.

  • Having access to these recording will also give you a chance to have a more neutral “observer” (vs participant) perspective on the entire session`s experience, so you gain Clarity and Vision about your overall Path.

BONUS # 5:



VALUED at $220

- The assignments will assist you in processing and implementing the changes in your daily life, help with accountability and tracking the results with every session.

- They will also help us make our work as customized to your changing needs as possible, so I can assist you in the very best way I can!

Soul-Aligned Expansion Program


to BREAK FREE from emotional wounds,
This Program is by invitation only,
with only several new spots open per month.


  • CURIOUS and EXCITED reading this

  • finally feel HOPE that something can change in your situation PERMANENTLY – that you don’t have to live in emotional or physical pain and stay stuck in repetitive negative patterns any longer

  • feel INSPIRED to heal your mind and body in a WHOLE-istic way, align with your SOUL and discover a WORLD OF FREEDOM and POSSIBILITIES that is waiting for you to say “YES” to it!

Then I invite you to join me in this UNIQUE 6-month Soul-Aligned Expansion hypnotherapy Program!

This program is NOT for someone who is:

  • looking for a “quick fix” and not willing to invest time and energy into their transformation

  • wants to blame life’s circumstances instead of taking responsibility for their inner world and achieving results

  • trying to escape their problems instead of facing them in order to step into their power, expand their consciousness and DIVE DEEPER into themselves.

To begin your healing TRANSFORMATION,
book your discovery hypnotherapy session.
If you have any questions about the Soul-Aligned Expansion Program, send me a message, so I can help you decide if this program is right for YOU!
Include "Question about the Expansion Program" in your request form and I will be in touch with you via email as soon as I can.
I am so looking forward to assisting you on your journey of
My promise is to guide you into higher states of Consciousness,
so that you can reprogram your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND,
clear your EMOTIONS and your BODY,
and live a life of INNER FREEDOM and SOUL-ALIGNMENT!
Tatiana Vilarea