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 "Inner Success Activation"
body memory release & coaching session

Get to the bottom of your business, career or leadership blocks, so you can unlock the next levels of impact, financial success and deep inner fulfillment with your work.


This session is for business owners, freelancers and other professionals who experience blocks around marketing, sales, confidence, visibility (be it fear or discomfort around public speaking, being on camera or other types of self-promotion)

and are hitting income and impact ceilings because of it.

If you've tried solving it with mindset work or business, marketing and other strategies, but can't get to the bottom of what's causing these blocks ...

Especially if you:

  • moved from a job to being self-employed to now feel a block around promoting and selling your own services

  • feel extremely uncomfortable and resist being on video, public speaking and other types of exposure

  • pivoted to a new niche, business or raised your prices and hit a block with clients and money not coming in

  • went through a difficult relationship, break up or are going through one currently and it impacted your business and income, but you can't understand how to fix that and get back to rocking it professionally again

  • hit a mental or emotional "wall" and don't have energy to run your business but can't understand what's causing this internally and psychologically (beyond the physical issues themselves) and why a business you used to love now feels like a burden.

This session will help you:

  • begin addressing the main root cause(s) on the level of your psychology and body memory (be it relationship wounds, different types of trauma or unconscious beliefs that play out in your business and personal life)

  • walk away knowing your blind spots and the universal (and therefore predictable!) patterns and blocks that we go through as business owners and leaders

  • gain greater self-trust and inner confidence, so you can take consistent actions and follow through with any business, sales, marketing and visibility strategies without resistance and sabotage

  • save MONTHS or YEARS of time and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS that you're otherwise losing while living with these blocks unaddressed.

  • have a step-by-step action plan on how to work with this further.


The session includes:

- an extensive assessment questionnaire 

- coaching and a therapeutic process Tatiana's using her innovative Body Memory Release methodology.

I'll share 10+ years of experience working with emotional healing, relationship trauma and childhood experiences that hide behind most business, professional, financial and relationship blocks.

You will experience core-level shifts in your emotional, mental, physical and energetic states, and can further decide if working with Tatiana in one of her programs is the right fit for you.


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