Quantum Mind Expansion Session


who want to experience an expanded state of consciousness,

to clear their subconscious limitations,

gain greater knowledge of their Soul`s Journey


If you are ready to expand your INNER REALITY,
 – then join me for this special hypnotherapy and coaching expansion session!
  • You are feeling that there are some unconscious blocks that you are running up against in your life and you can’t stop them from showing up in your life again and again?


  • Trying to live a spiritually-guided life, but still feel like you are struggling emotionally, getting stuck in limiting beliefs and doubting your path?

  • You are a highly sensitive person, easily pick up the energy of others and know it is hurting you and your ability to function in your daily life and communicate with others?

  • Suffering from low energy and multiple emotion-based health issues and blocks?

  • Feeling depressed, anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Unsure of your direction and greater meaning in life, but dream of living a life of INNER FREEDOM, PURPOSE and SOUL ALIGNMENT?

  • You are meditating and doing various energy practices, but still think that you are "not where you should be" and keep comparing yourself to others?

  • Are you looking to expand your energy, self-awareness and consciousness to a whole NEW LEVEL and connect to your SOUL, its journey throughout lifetimes and its WISDOM?

  • You have tried all kinds of healing modalities to solve it all, but never found a WHOLE-istic approach and a person who have walked this Path who can help you overcome it PERMANENTLY?

If this is you, then it’s time to EXPAND your perception,

CLEAR the limitations of your past,


and CREATE the life of ALIGNMENT and PURPOSE!

  • Understand what working with expanded states of consciousness means, and HOW this process can heal trauma and transform your life.

  • Experience my unique highly-effective tools to help you break free from emotional wounds, fears, anxiety, depressive states and other limitations, so that you can activate your INNER RESOURCES and start living your TRUE POTENTIAL!

  • Go through a past-life regression to discover any blocks, internal or external conflicts and karmic lessons that are affecting your life currently, so you know exactly what to focus on and how to CLEAR THE CHALLENGES on your path.

  • Get a "bird`s view" on how different events and decisions in your life fit into the BIGGER PICTURE of your Soul`s Journey.

  • Shift your perception away from your struggles and into deeper meaning of your Path, so you can live a life of INNER FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT.

  • Connect to your Soul`s wisdom, EXPAND your INNER REALITY and receive your answers, so you can move forward in your life with greater confidence and Self-awareness!

  • Embody the GREATER YOU and anchor these higher frequencies to create a "watermark" for your daily life, so you can feel CONNECTED, SUPPORTED and LOVED.

  • Gain clarity and navigate into your new SOUL-ALIGNED direction in life with CONFIDENCE and EASE, so you can become the MASTER OF YOUR PATH!


Ready to take a Quantum leap

and EXPAND into your Soul potential?

Here is what is included in this 2-day hypnotherapy and coaching intensive session:


  • an introductory questionnaire:


It will allow me to get to know your unique needs and goals, and determine the main focus areas for our work together before the session`s date.

  • ​​an in-depth coaching session to prepare for your hypnosis:


We will deepen in on the areas of your focus, in order to help you shift your perception, expand your awareness and energy, and begin the transformation process. I will also share all the necessary information to prepare you for hypnosis, so you go into the session with CONFIDENCE and EASE!


  • an extensive Quantum hypnotherapy session to meet your unique needs:

During this customized-to-your-needs session, I will not only assist you in releasing any of the limitations that are based on past-life and current life traumas, but also help you navigate through expanded states of consciousness, so that you can experience your own Soul DEEPLY and feel LOVED, SUPPORTED and CONNECTED.



  • post-hypnosis integration coaching:


It is designed to assist you in grounding, processing and integrating the information and the changes that take place during your hypnosis session, so that your physical body, emotions and mind can work in SYNERGY.



  • highly-effective emotion & body memory processing tools:


Experience the unique tools I use for any issues related to emotional wounds, physical issues and trauma, so you achieve IMMEDIATE and PERMANENT changes in your emotional and physical state, step into your POWER and understand that healing DOES NOT HAVE TO TAKE YEARS!

  • access to my multidimensional abilities and awareness:


I open up and hold an expanded frequency space for you during the entire time of the session. My conscious ability to navigate and communicate multidimentionally (without the need to be in a hypnotic state myself) will allow you to EXPAND FURTHER vibrationally and will also ACTIVATE and AMPLIFY your own abilities. In addition to it, I will help you "translate" and apply all that we discover together, so that you EMBODY it in your life.


  • a follow-up coaching session the next day:


We will continue anchoring the frequencies and will build a mental framework for you to COMPREHEND with ease everything that you experience and discover and PROCESS it efficiently for PERMANENT CHANGES to crystallize within you, so you can become the MASTERFUL NAVIGATOR OF OUR LIFE and LIVE FROM THIS HIGHER PLACE!

  • Recording of the entire experience:

It is essential to have a record of your process. You will be able to go back to any parts of your session as many times as you need, so you can deepen your process and integrate the information you discover about yourself quicker.

Total time of this 2-day session is 7 hours.

Quantum Mind Expansion -

an exclusive 7-hour

hypnotherapy and coaching intensive session

for spiritually-guided people

seeking to gain greater Self-awareness,

overcome their limitations,

awaken their INNER RESOURCES
and live a life of INNER FREEDOM and SOUL-ALIGNMENT


  • Resonate with Egypt and the frequencies of Maat

  • feel CURIOUS and EXCITED reading about this rare opportunity

  • cannot wait to take this QUANTUM LEAP to EXPAND your perception and gain GREATER KNOWLEDGE your Self, so you can live your HIGHEST POTENTIAL

  • are READY to clear your mind and body, align with your SOUL and discover a WORLD OF INNER POWER and FREEDOM that is waiting for you to say “YES” to it!

Then I invite you to join me in this

unique hypnotherapy and coaching intensive session!

The sessions will take place right after I end my tour in Egypt, between the 18th and 22nd of September.


They will be facilitated via Zoom while I will be staying on Giza plateau, right by the pyramids.

There is a VERY LIMITED number of spots left for this opportunity and booking has to be done within the next 48 hours to confirm your spot.

To schedule a free 20-minute discovery call to make sure we are the right fit to work together for this particular type of session,

email me at contact@tatianavilarea.com 

within the next 48 hours and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.

There are limited spots left for this rare opportunity as my time in Egypt and available time slots are limited.

I am so looking forward to assisting you on this journey of
My promise is to guide you into higher states of Consciousness,
so that you can overcome your limitations,
clear your EMOTIONS and your BODY,
get a greater awareness of your SOUL`S JOURNEY,
and live a life of INNER FREEDOM and SOUL-ALIGNMENT!
Tatiana Vilarea