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Quantum Expansion Session

experience an expanded state of consciousness,

clear your past limitations,

connect to your inner guidance,

and create a life of deep self-awareness, purpose and expression.

  • You are interested in expanding your self-awareness and want to deepen connection to your inner guidance, so you can live your highest potential and purpose.

  • You are feeling that there are some unconscious blocks that you are running up against in life and you can’t stop them from showing up again and again.

  • You are struggling with a particular relationship or negative pattern and would like to understand its deeper meaning and lesson.


  • You are living a spiritual life, but still feel like you are struggling emotionally, getting stuck in limiting patterns and doubting your path.

  • You are experiencing low energy and multiple psychosomatic (emotion-based) health issues and would like to get to their root causes.

  • You are feeling anxious or overwhelmed about your life and lacking deeper trust in your journey.

  • You want to activate your spiritual abilities and align with the Soul work you are meant to do in this world.

  • You have tried all kinds of healing modalities to solve it all, and are looking for a way to become your own "healer" by learning how to navigate and learn from working with expanded states of consciousness and connecting to your own inner compass.

  • Get to the root causes of your blocks, conflicts and life lessons that are affecting you currently, so you can learn from these limitations and transform them into your greater purpose.

  • Get a "bird's eye view" on how different events, challenges and decisions in your life fit into the bigger picture of your Soul`s journey and become the master of your Path.

  • Release stored body memory, reprogram your subconscious mind, and balance your emotions and energetic state, by addressing your deepest emotional wounds and trauma.

  • While being in this expanded state, receive answers to your deepest questions, so you can move forward in life with greater awareness and confidence.


  • Connect to your Soul and anchor its frequencies, so you can feel connected, supported and loved.

  • Accelerate your spiritual growth and activate your abilities to align with the work you are meant to do in this world.

  • Gain clarity on your bigger goals in life and the actions you can be taking to achieve them, in order to live your purpose and experience more alignment and ease doing it.


Ready to take a Quantum leap
and expand into your Soul potential?



  • an introductory questionnaire:


It will allow me to get to know your unique needs and main focus areas for our work together before the session.

  • an extensive Quantum hypnosis and healing session:

I open up and hold an expanded frequency space for the time of the session, which will allow you to expand your own energetic range, activate or amplify your spiritual abilities and experience your Soul deeply, so you can feel connected, loved and supported.

When applicable, we will work on releasing any past and current life traumas that limit your growth and expansion, aligning your body, emotions and mind, so that they can work in synergy.


And lastly, I will help you "translate" the information that we discover together, so that you can integrate and embody it in your daily life.

  • video recording of the entire experience:

You will receive the recording of your session, so you can watch it again to deepen your process and integrate all the changes.



I am looking forward to guiding you through this unique experience, so that you can overcome your limitations,
get a greater awareness of your Souls` journey,
and expand into a NEW level of being
to live a life of deeper alignment and purpose.

Tatiana Vilarea
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