How to work with resistance and lack of commitment?

Have you ever signed up to work with a coach or some other practitioner, but all of a sudden lost your commitment?

Is your business happening TO you or FOR you???

Is  entrepreneurship for EVERYONE???

Are emotional triggers sabotaging your business growth and income?

Do you get triggered by being criticized, challenged by a difficult client or a sales conversation? Do you spend HOURS or EVEN DAYS ruminating about it afterwards?
Does it switch your IMPOSTER SYNDROME on?

The chicken or the egg of the imposter syndrome:

Can we STOP the imposter syndrome FOR GOOD?
Are we looking for the solution to this issue in the wrong places?

Doubling and growing your income from the inside out:

Do you struggle with implementing strategy, raising your prices and growing your income?

Two biggest fears in entrepreneurship:

Two biggest fears and blocks I see working with entrepreneurs.

Life scenarios introduction masterclass:

A part of the masterclass I did in my group for female entrepreneurs to discuss unconscious life scenarios and blocks that play out in our lives and businesses.