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Healing the Mother Wound


 2-hour masterclass, including a therapeutic hypno-meditation

For $107 instead of  $147

  • Experience a shift that will allow you to find healing and closure, so you no longer loop in Inner Child wounds.


  • Discover the blind spots that hold this trauma in your body and psyche and why you can't let go, forgive and forget the past.


  • Process suppressed emotions of rejection, abandonment, grief, anger and resentment that are weighing you down and causing  psychosomatic issues.

  • Understand your self-sabotage, negative habits and addictions, so choosing health, success and harmony becomes much easier.

  • See through your transgenerational patterns (the unresolved patterns from your family's lineage that are activated and anchored in your psyche, genetics and body memory), so you can release them for good. 

  • Dive deep into what's holding the patterns of the “negative feminine" and "toxic motherhood" and how to work with them beyond behavior changes only.

  • Move towards forgiveness and inner peace, so you can use that energy to create a life of deep fulfillment and professional realization.

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