Discovery Hypnotherapy & Coaching session

 This is the initial hypnotherapy and coaching session to begin working with me and a deep dive into yourself, utilizing a unique blend of highly effective hypnotherapy and other techniques.

All sessions are highly customized to the clients needs.

It will start you on:


  • becoming aware of hidden life scenarios and limiting beliefs that unconsciously play out in your life and business;

  • reprogramming your subconscious mind to believe and create differently;

  • shifting your beliefs and perception away from your struggles and inner limitations and towards your FULFILLMENT and SUCCESS;

  • gaining greater self-awareness, so you can become CONFIDENT and POWERFUL in your personal and professional life;

  • and more.

I will be using various techniques to help you achieve immediate changes in your physical, emotional, mental and energetic states, by working with the root causes of various underlying blocks and conflicts in your subconscious mind, releasing your body and emotional memory, and reprogramming your limiting beliefs and hidden life scenarios.


In addition to it, we will develop a plan of action for working together further, in order for you to achieve the deepest levels of healing and transformation, and will also determine if working together in one of my customized hypnotherapy programs is the right fit for you.

This session includes a questionnaire and follow up.